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Women of Extreme Horror

Written by Sadie Hartmann

“It is women who love horror. Gloat over it. Feed on it. Are nourished by it. Shudder and cling and cry out-and come back for more.” -Bela Lugosi

Make no mistake, women are writing extreme horror and women are reading it; this is nothing new. There might be antiquated, sexist stereotypes lingering among genre buffs suggesting that it is a male-dominated sub-genre, but nobody worth their salt is floating that falsehood.

In honor of the 2021 Splatterpunk Awards counting nominations and putting the final ballot together, here are some amazing Splatterpunk novels written by women.

small-coverBuy from Amazon The Cipher by Kathe Koja
Published by Meerkat Press

In Kathe Koja’s The Cipher, Nicholas and Nakota are pretty loathsome people. They happen upon a strange, black hole in Nicholas’s apartment building and become obsessed with experimenting with it. There are some memorable, classic horror scenes that will stay with me forever. Cringy sex-stuff, gross-outs, and jaw-dropping moments. The Cipher is a good time.

small-coverBuy from Amazon Go Down Hard by Ali Seay
Published by Grindhouse Press

Entertaining as hell. This book. I read it in a few hours without really setting it down unless I had to live my life. This is what horror is all about and why I can't enjoy other genres as much. Two serial killers wind up as neighbors and sparks fly when their paths eventually cross.

STABBY, SLASHY, KILL, KILL, KILL!! Sexy. Sultry. HOT! Tense. Suspenseful.

small-coverBuy from Amazon Tapetum Lucidum by Sisters of Slaughter
Published by Death’s Head Press

I’m currently in the middle of reading this one and oh my, the creature building is glorious and the sisters do not skimp on the kills. One thing I love about well-written Splatterpunk is a well-developed plot and characters readers can invest in. This one checks all the boxes.

small-coverBuy from Amazon Cirque Berzerk by Jessica Guess
Published by Unnerving

If you're a horror reader that enjoys turning out all the lights, feasting on buttery popcorn and junky candy while watching a campy teen-slasher movie with bloody, suspenseful kill scenes, this book takes that whole aesthetic and infuses it into each page. The characters come to life as they tease and flirt with each other while trying to mask the fact that they're actually pretty nervous about exploring an abandoned, haunted carnival rumored to still be inhabited by murderous ghosts or demons.

small-coverBuy from Amazon True Crime by Samantha Kolesnik
Published by Grindhouse Press

Samantha Kolesnik's debut hurts like unrelenting thumb pressure on a fresh bruise. An ugly, dark account of severe victimhood informing a young girl's lasting identity. Readers will endure much tragedy. Watching light & love trying to break through are the big payoffs here. Brilliant.

You can read Steve's review of True Crime by clicking here.

small-coverBuy from Amazon Cockblock by C.V. Hunt
Published by Grindhouse Press

Now, this was nominated for a Splatterpunk award in the Best Novella category and it’s on my list of books to read. I’ve read a few of C.V. Hunt's books and stories and I’m a fan. Cockblock is about two women who realize that all the men in the world have gone insane. They discover the source of all the chaos is the President and they must find a way to stop the madness. Sounds like a grade A good time to me.

You can read Gabino's review of Cockblock by clicking here.

small-coverBuy from Amazon The Green Kangaroos by Jessica McHugh
Published by Perpetual Motion Machine

The Green Kangaroos is a futuristic, dystopian novel dealing with the horrors of drug addiction. It’s 2099 and everyone is addicted to the designer drug Atlys. Fans of body horror will enjoy all the gross-out details, while SciFi fans can celebrate the amazing world building. This book is dark and spares no feelings. Buckle up if you attempt this one!

small-coverBuy from Amazon The Night Silver River Run Red by Christine Morgan
Published by Death’s Head Press

Christine Morgan is a name synonymous with Splatterpunk and Extreme horror. You might have heard of some of her previous releases such as White Death, Spermjackers From Hell, and Lakehouse Infernal.

The Night Silver River Run Red is her Splatter Western offering and it kicks so much ass. A small town is visited by a traveling oddity-freak show and some kids sneak off to go see the attractions. What could possibly go wrong?

small-coverBuy from Amazon Reception by Kenzie Jennings
Published by: Death’s Head Press

I’m currently in the middle of reading this one too and it is so addicting. I’m always thinking about it when I’m not reading it. Ansley’s sister, Shay is getting married at a remote location. Of course, family drama is playing a big part in the setup, but something even more unsettling is going on and I can’t wait to see where this is going. The synopsis is suggesting cannibalism?

When she's not reading books, Sadie can be found talking about them on Twitter or getting them ready to ship out in the latest Night Worms packages, the company she co-owns and every horror fan should sign up for.


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