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2017 03 09 Zombie Survival Crate

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Written by Daniel Benson

We got our hands on the very first Zombie Survival Crate and for the first time we have an unboxing video brought to you by part of our UK team. Check out the video below as we pull all the goodies from the Platinum Zombie Survival Crate for the first time. Check out the links after the video to sign up to your own crate from as little as £15 per month.

The Zombie Survival Crate has finally arrived. The crate will be jam packed with zombie goodness with branded items, custom items, and exclusive items for the crate. The box is available with three different subscriptions and is as follows:

Basic Zombie Survival Crate – This crate is the entry level subscription crate. This crate guarantees you a t-shirt every month and it will also guarantee the special survival item. This item will often be something that will aid your survival in the impending zombie apocalypse. (Sometimes the survival item will be novelty or a tongue in cheek item) £15 per month.

Gold Zombie Survival Crate – This crate gives you both of the guaranteed items from the basic crate. That is not the only guaranteed item in this crate as you will be guaranteed one of following items every month, an item from the Funko range/action figure/model. £25 per month.

Platinum Zombie Survival Crate - This crate gives you all of the guaranteed items from the two previous crates. That is not the only guaranteed item in this crate as you will be guaranteed an additional item whether it be from the Funko range or an action figure or a model. Yes, that means in the platinum survival crate you will be guaranteed two items, not just the one from the gold crate. £35 a month.

Other items in the box may include custom art prints, comic books, books, DVDs, posters, stickers, badges, coasters, mugs, and well the items are endless.

Creators Jason Ridpath and David Dorey, who run their own publishing company, are both avid fans of the zombie genre and looking to bring their expertise over from the publishing world to create unique products. “With nearly a decade in publishing as a graphic designer, and half a decade as a director of a company it is important to create high-quality products and to be creative. We have exclusive items in production from comic books to t-shirts and custom art prints,” said Jason Ridpath. David Dorey stated, “We are always looking at items that will be great to put in the crate, but more than that we are looking to give exposure to different aspects of this genre. We want the subscribers to get great products but if in doing that we want to give a platform for artist, writers, merchandisers, and create a real community then we will be very happy.”

Finally, Jason Ridpath added, “Each month the crate will be better than the last and our aim is that whether you open a basic, gold, or platinum crate that you will feel like you are getting quality items for a bargain price. In the current economic climate, every pound matters and our hope is as the subscribers grow and our contacts improve that we will be able to make the pricing more competitive.”

You can subscribe to the crate at https://thezombiesurvivalcrate.cratejoy.com/. Billing takes place on the last day of every month, with the boxes being shipped on the 18th of the following month.

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