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Article by Ilan Sheady

From an early age horror has remained a constant interest to me. From the first time I watched Frank open The Box in Clive Barker’s Hellraiser I’ve enjoyed the challenge of finding the next big scare, the next earthshakingly imaginative concept or the next iconic personification of terror.

Now that I’m older, to be able to write about something that I have such a passion for is a genuine privilege and I’m blessed that Horror DNA is not only interested in what I think, but happy to have me produce its new video platform: Horror DNA TV, which opens the brand to limitless possibilities all because of a passion for the genre, a bit of technical skill and an incredible hostess who is as beautiful, talented and charismatic as she is delightfully crazy.

Horror DNA TV is our labour of love, we will happily travel across the country to hear people talking about their coolest new project or meeting some of the legends of cinema because every second of it regardless of how tiring it can sometimes be because first and foremost what we do is insanely fun.

So it was extremely flattering that Sharon Davies and I were asked to appear on the cover of Best of Liverpool magazine: the Halloween special. Not only is it an honor to be featured in the most widely distributed publication in Liverpool, but to have our photographs taken by horror photographer Graham Fletcher-Hill on location at the North West’s greatest horror attraction, Farmageddon is one Hell of a VIP experience.

For your viewing pleasure we’ve put together a ‘making of’ video. If you are reading this on Thursday the 4th October and live in Merseyside please pick up a copy of the Liverpool Echo to check out the huge feature they put together for us. I also highly recommend visiting Farmageddon this October (or any other) as it’s truly an unforgettable experience (and will be featured in our next Horror DNA TV episode), and if you are even half intrigued by the concept of having a macabre memory immortalized in a photo album or picture frame do not hesitate contacting Monstershots and tell him Horror DNA sent ya. one last thank you has to go to DJ Necronath for providing the music to our video, it makes a more than welcome change to ‘cough’ borrowing tracks from bands.

There is something slightly concerning about the possibility that i could be misinterpreted as some sort of role model for film fanatics who may believe that watching films most of your life will eventually get your face on a magazine but even so It’s always good to know that all that time in front of the TV doesn’t go to waste :)


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