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Interview Conducted by Stuart D. Monroe

Not everyone has to stay in the genre for life to make history and become legendary. Sometimes, all it takes is that one part in that one movie to make you a household name in the horror community and cement your status. Many have dipped their toes into the bloody waters of horror only to find they’re meant for other things.

Amelia Kinkade is one of those people, but please don’t think that she looks down on the genre or the fans. Despite having a smattering of other roles in soap operas and TV shows (including appearances on Knight Rider and The Golden Girls), Amelia is known for being THE undisputed Queen of the Demons. She’s horror’s first recurring female “Big Bad”, and she practically owns the character of Angela Franklin in the Night of the Demons series. In the age of Freddy, Jason, Michael Myers, and company, Angela remains the demon you can’t get out of your head. I mean, how many horror icons have a kick-ass dance sequence in every film?

Now a force for charity and one of the world’s preeminent human-animal communicators, Amelia is more active than ever. She doesn’t act in horror films anymore, but that doesn’t mean that she’s not active in the world of horror. A convention regular, Amelia has her eye on future projects and is still highly sought after. I was fortunate enough to snag some of her time to discuss Night of the Demons, the crazy makeup work, her place in the pantheon of horror, and more! And you know we gave the animals lots of love. Enjoy, horror fans!

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About The Author
Stuart D. Monroe
Staff Reviewer - USA
Stuart D. Monroe is a man of many faces – father, husband, movie reviewer, published author of short horror, unsuccessful screenwriter (for now), rabid Clemson Tiger, Southern gentleman, and one hell of a model American who goes by the handle "Big Daddy Stu" or "Sir". He's also highly disturbed and wears that fact like a badge of honor. He is a lover of all things horror with a particular taste for the fare of the Italians and the British. He sometimes gets aroused watching the hardcore stuff, but doesn't bother worrying about whether he was a serial killer in a past life as worrying is for the weak. He was raised in the video stores of the '80s and '90s. The movie theater is his cathedral. He worships H.P. Lovecraft, Stephen King, and Clive Barker. When he writes, he listens obsessively to either classical music or the works of Goblin to stimulate the neural pathways. His favorite movie is Dawn of the Dead. His favorite book is IT. His favorite TV show is LOST.
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