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2017 11 13 Creepy Crate Unboxing


It’s been a while since you’ve seen my ugly mug, so it’s high time I did another unboxing.

This time around, it’s for The Lineup’s Creepy Crate. If you aren’t familiar with The Lineup, and you like things that are dark and creepy, make sure you check them out by using the links below.

Of note, during the unboxing I opened an envelope of newspaper clippings and photos I wasn’t entirely sure what it is. There is a list below of all the box’s contents and their retail value; this item is #2.

Here’s what you get in this month’s box:

1. "Ouija Board" T-Shirt ($20)
This limited-edition tee is inspired by our readers’ true stories of terrifying Ouija experiences.

2. Who Killed Richard Carter? ($20)
Follow the clues to solve this decades-old murder—an original immersive mystery created by the Creepy Crate team!

3. “Crime All the Time” Pen ($2)
True crime TV network Oxygen provided this killer writing instrument to jot down your demented thoughts.

4. Twilight Hotel Horror Comic Book ($3.99)
A brand new, addictive horror comic series is born. Check out Twilight Hotel’s KICKSTARTER campaign to learn more.

5. “Welcome to My Murder House” Coaster Set ($10)
Welcome guests into your home (or send them running from it) with these serial killer coasters, boasting images of H. H. Holmes and Belle Gunness.

6. “Sometimes Dead is Better” Print ($15)
Live or die by Stephen King’s dark words of wisdom from Pet Sematary.

7. Gummy Body Parts Candy ($2)
Chow down on fruit-flavored feet, brains, fingers, ears, and eyeballs.

8. Buried Dreams, by Tim Cahill ($7.99)
Based on years of investigative reporting, Tim Cahill’s true crime book peers into the dark life of John Wayne Gacy.

9. The Sopaths, by Piers Anthony ($5.99)
Author Piers Anthony conjures a terrifying vision of a world inhabited by sopaths: children who lie, cheat, and murder to get what they want.

The Lineup links: Official Site | Creepy Crate | Facebook | Twitter

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