12 Hour Shift Movie Review

Written by Joel Harley

Released by Signature Entertainment


Written and directed by Brea Grant
2020, 86 minutes, Not Yet Rated
Grimmfest UK Premiere on 8th October 2020

Angela Bettis as Mandy
David Arquette as Jefferson
Chloe Farnworth as Regina
Mick Foley as Nicholas


As if nurses didn’t have it hard enough in this day and age, overworked Mandy (Angela Bettis) has to account for gangsters and a missing kidney when an organ-farming scheme goes awry. All Mandy wants is to get through her double shift at work, but cousin Regina (Chloe Farnworth) has other ideas. Pursued by gangsters chasing a missing kidney, the pair embark on a great organ heist, hoping to cover their tails and survive the night.

12 hour shift 01 12 hour shift 02

In the grand tradition of Tarantino and Coen Brother, Brea Grant’s gory crime thriller follows two idiot wannabe criminals as they make a hash of an already deeply hashed situation. And who better to lead than the underrated Angela Bettis; perfectly cast as the put-upon, world-weary Mandy. She’s well-paired with Chloe Farnworth’s airhead Regina, and together the two of them are a lot of fun. The film doesn’t really need its men, but all the same, Bettis and Farnworth are joined by king of the male airheads, David Arquette. Playing convict Jefferson, the Scream star is a welcome presence and clearly enjoying himself in the role.

12 hour shift 03 12 hour shift 04

The film’s great cast is just the cherry on top of a smart and funny story, very well told. It’s like an episode of My Name is Earl crossed with Breaking Bad, and drenched with heaps of gore. This comedy of errors looks great (if you like purple neon and hospitals) and is wildly unpredictable as its story jumps from beat to beat. And yet, no matter how grisly or ridiculous the action gets, it’s always grounded in character, and informed by their decisions. Well, apart from the occasional song-and-dance sequence. I’d always thought that Tarantino was missing a musical sequence or two.

12 hour shift 05 12 hour shift 06

The final act’s descent into complete anarchy might be a little much for some, but that doesn’t undo how well its buildup is done. This is the most entertaining crime caper – and black comedy –this year. It’s excellently written and cast, with two pitch-perfect performances from Bettis and Farnworth. Stylish, unpredictable and low-key hilarious, 12 Hour Shift proves that dumb white women can screw up just as badly as the men.


Movie: 4 Star Rating Cover

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