13 Fanboy DVD Review

Written by Robert Gold

DVD released by Mill Creek Entertainment

Directed by Deborah Voorhees
Written by Deborah Voorhees and Joel Paul Reisig
2021, 101 minutes, Not Rated
Released on March 8th, 2022

Dee Wallace as herself
Hayley Greenbauer as Kelsie Voorhees
Andrew Lighty as Chris
Judie Aronson as herself
Ron Sloan as himself
Corey Feldman as Mike Merryman
Kane Hodder as himself
C.J. Graham as himself



Thirteen years ago, young Kelsie Voorhees saw her grandmother murdered in the woods by a masked madman. Today, like her grandmother, she is a successful actress in a popular horror series; the elder (Deborah) Voorhees appeared in the Friday the 13th franchise in the 1980s. Kelsie remains extremely close to her grandmother’s best friend, horror legend Dee Wallace. The downside of being a celebrity in the genre is the occasional obsessed fan/ stalker and as our story begins, several other Friday the 13th alumni are being threatened and even killed by a stranger who also has eyes for Dee! Everybody is a potential suspect and in turn everyone acts suspiciously at some point.

Friday the 13th is one of the longest-running franchises with twelve films to date – most recently a big-budget remake in 2009. Jason Voorhees remains immensely popular and is readily identified by his iconic hockey mask. The endless string of sequels came to a screeching halt in 2016 when a lawsuit over rights to the original film shut down the possibility of future films. Over the years there have been plenty of unlicensed fan films, but many were poorly realized. Cut to 2021 and veteran actress Deborah Voorhees (Friday the 13th Part V – A New Beginning, credited as Debisue Voorhees) takes a stab at writing and directing her own entry, 13 Fanboy. This film has the advantage of having an insider at the helm who can call in favors from her fellow Friday cast mates.

The high-concept premise of an obsessed fan killing actors from the franchise is interesting and full of potential, but there are a number of stumbling blocks that dampen the fun. It’s great seeing so many veterans back in front of the camera, complete with an identifying tag giving their name, character name and which sequel they appeared in. Some of the featured performers include Corey Feldman and Judie Aronson (both Friday the 13ht – The Final Chapter), Tracie Savage (Friday the 13th Part 3), Lar Park Lincoln (Part VII) and even a pair of “Jasons”, CJ Graham (Part VI) and Kane Hodder (Parts VII – X). Most everyone is playing a version of themselves with the exception of Feldman, who appears as a sleazy movie producer.

The film’s biggest asset is also its main hindrance – the lovely Dee Wallace. She is by far the most experienced and successful actor on hand and her genre cred is impeccable. For decades she has been turning in memorable performances in everything from The Hills Have Eyes, The Howling, Cujo, Critters and The Frighteners to name only a few. Her name clearly brings marquee value and a legion of fans, and her involvement likely helped get this picture made – but she has zero connection to this franchise. Don’t get me wrong, I grew up on Dee too and always look forward to seeing her, but she is seriously miscast here. If anything she should be credited as “and Dee Wallace” in a small supporting role instead of the lead.

The heroine role feels tailor-made for original Friday the 13th (1980) final girl Adrienne King, who in reality was threatened by a stalker. Her name features prominently on the original poster for 13 Fanboy, but for whatever reason, she does not appear in this film. There is a line where the killer is reflecting on finding solace as a child, watching nothing but the Friday the 13th films…adding and the Halloween franchise – as a way to shoehorn Dee into the madness since she has about five minutes of screen time in Rob Zombie’s Halloween (2009) remake. It’s too bad the killer didn’t target more people from that stinker!


Newcomer Hayley Greenbauer co-stars as Kelsie Voorhees, the fictional granddaughter of Deborah. Kelsie is smart and thoughtful and is quite the skilled fighter. She is friends with the Friday community that in a fun spin is all one big happy family that spends all their time together. Following the death of her grandmother, Kelsie was essentially raised by Dee, who has great chemistry with Greenbauer and appears genuinely protective of her. Andrew Lighty (Never Hike Alone) co-stars as her boyfriend Chris, who spends a lot of time giving creepy looks or showing up just when the killer vanishes.

As for the actual Friday alum, the ageless Judie Aronson has some of the best moments, including an early scene where she pays a guy to leave her bed so she can get on with her day. It’s nice to see Feldman not playing himself, albeit the character he creates gets annoying pretty fast, but he is clearly having a lot of fun. Kane Hodder takes a surprising turn from stoic villain to sensitive actor tired of being typecast – he even gets to cry on camera. It’s nice seeing Tracie Savage return to the genre having moved on to a successful career in journalism. Ron Sloan plays a bumbling redneck in Part V and gets to stretch a bit as Dee Wallace’s husband, who keeps her sane during crazy times.

Written by Deborah Voorhees and Joel Paul Reisig, 13 Fanboy is a fun idea smothered in clichés and suspects. It’s silly how hard they push several characters into looking guilty. What’s missing is common sense, as the script forces people to do dumb things for the sake of allowing a plot point to happen. For example, in the opening sequence, a character learns of an intruder on their ranch and quickly grabs a gun and child to flee, but instead of jumping in the car or calling the police, they run into the woods at night where the killer waits. Another odd thing is we hear how wonderful Kelsie’s grandmother was but zero about her parents. Were they victims of a stalker too? Why did the killer wait thirteen years to continue a murderous rampage after claiming the first victim in the prologue? And why isn’t the killer wearing some sort of hockey mask variant?!

13 Fanboy has its heart in the right place and as a director, Voorhees does a decent job keeping all the moving parts in order. There is some clever dialogue, limited-but-decent gore and a cast of familiar faces that is nice to see together. I was excited when I learned of this project and really wanted to like it more than I do, but for Jason fans hard up for new material, it’s not the worst viewing option. Worth a look, but consider streaming before making a purchase.


Video and Audio:

Presented in the 1.85:1 aspect ratio, the picture quality is sharp and free from compression or digital artifacts. Flesh tones appear natural and colors are vibrant throughout.

A Dolby Digital 2.0 stereo mix gets the job done with clear and understandable dialogue. Music cues and sound effects are well-balanced and never overwhelming.

Optional English subtitles are included for anyone in need.


Special Features:

There are no special features on this disc.



Movie: Cover
Overall: 2.5 Star Rating

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