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4 Dead Girls: The Soul Taker Movie Review

Written by Jennifer Turner

DVD released by Breaking Glass Pictures

4 Dead Girls The Soul Taker Poster

Written and directed by Mike Campbell and Todd Johnson
2012, 95 minutes, Not Rated 
DVD released on August 8th, 2013

Katherine Browning as Lily
Mike Campbell as Devlin Chito
Leah Verill as Pam
Ashley Love as Lori
Tiffany S. Walker as Bianca

4 Dead Girls The Soul Taker 01 4 Dead Girls The Soul Taker 02


4 Dead Girls: The Soul Taker began with a girl hysterically crying and that was me. Yes, this is another homebrew classic by the sadists at Breaking Glass Pictures.

The movie centers on four college girls who rent a house from a rather creepy landlord. In the traditional slasher movie cliché, three of the girls are raging whores while the final one is a virgin. I can only guess which one will survive. And like most films from this genre, we are treated to overdramatic sex scenes which make me want to yell "She's faking it!"

4 Dead Girls The Soul Taker 03 4 Dead Girls The Soul Taker 04

The acting is subpar; it's not annoying but in no way is it entertaining. There is way too much girlish squealing than should ever be allowed in a horror movie. However, one of the actresses, Leah Verill, does stand out. She reminds me a lot of Margot Kidder from Black Christmas with her boozy and bitchy persona. I look forward to seeing what else she may do.

The only thing that really bugs me about this film is the attack of the shaky cam. I tend to get nauseous when the camera doesn't stand still and it really detracts from my enjoyment of a movie. I will say that the special effects are impressive for such a low budget movie.

4 Dead Girls The Soul Taker 05 4 Dead Girls The Soul Taker 06

Think of 4 Dead Girls as if Slumber Party Massacre got drunk and hooked up with Saw. It's slow paced but worth the viewer's investment. The characters are bland but semi-likable. And while this particular storyline is old-hat, it manages to keep its freshness until the end.

Yet, the movie is not that bad, it's reminds me a lot of Slumber Party Massacre with its sense of humor and nonchalant pacing.

Good God, I dare think I actually enjoyed this film. Horror DNA sent me a movie I didn't hate. Is this the seventh sign of the apocalypse?

4 Dead Girls The Soul Taker 07 4 Dead Girls The Soul Taker 08


Movie: Grade Cover
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