Alex Magaña's Weekly Tales of Terror: Come Play with Me Movie Review

Written by Stuart D. Monroe

Released by ACM Films

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Written and directed by Alex Magaña
2020, 2 minutes, Not Rated
Released on September 2nd, 2020

Chelsea Brea as Young Woman
Steven Weitz as Demon Boy

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In Alex Magaña’s Weekly Tales of Terror, we’ve been taken through the mind and development of a young director who’s already found success with comedy and romance as he spreads his horror wings and finds out that he loves the taste of fear. Each week has brought us something new – slashers, extradimensional boxes from Hell, unseen apparitions, monsters in the woods (and even under the bed!), and demonic women in white.

For this week’s installment, Alex Magaña takes you to a place that REALLY bothers some folks: children.

In Come Play with Me, a young woman (Chelsea Brea) is being haunted by something that whispers to her in the dead of night, “Come play with me!” The disembodied voice is also accompanied by doors opening by themselves, unwanted toys rolling into the room, and vandalism that defies the laws of physics (at least without a ladder, that is). It seems someone really wants her attention. Now, who’s this damn kid that’s shown up at the door?

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Come Play with Me is smartly shot, making use of certain repetitive angles to keep your eyes trained on a certain place in the room. It’s a natural tension build that gives weight to the series of events that plague the nameless young woman who, for her part, does a solid physical job of conveying mounting terror (though she’s not given much more to do).

The reveal of just what those scribbling sounds are and where they end up is extremely effective and packs a punch that even a jaded horror fan can appreciate. And an homage to the seminal classic, The Changeling, is never a bad thing. That bit is iconic for a reason; it works every time! All these elements build quickly to an effective ending with a demon boy (Steven Weitz) who goes from kid next door to the pint-sized version of “I’ll swallow your soul!” in record time.

Come Play with Me is one of Magaña’s strongest entries yet in his “Weekly Tales of Terror” series. He continues to make the most of short time and shorter budgets by utilizing classic tropes with a fresh eye and a passion that you can see growing by the week. As has become the custom, I’m highly intrigued to see what his next step is.

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Movie: 4.5 Star Rating Cover

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