Alien Addiction Movie Review

Written by Joanna K. Neilson

Released by Gravitas Ventures


Written and directed by Shae Sterling
2018, 95 minutes, Not Rated
Released on September 29th, 2020

Jimi Jackson as Riko
Thomas Sainsbury as Peter Macintosh
JoJo Waaka as Jacinta
Harry Summerfield as Rabbit

alien addiction 01 alien addiction 02


Riki (Jimi Jackson) lives in the beautiful but dull New Zealand countryside. He’s a youngish guy and a bit of a layabout stoner, and he lives with his tough, though possibly mentally ill, Auntie (Veronica Edwards). He’s the definition of low ambition and he’s got a few equally derpy stoner friends. There’s a great opening chase where Riko and his mates race around on their motorbikes and trucks, trying to get to the pub and wind one another up with pranks and, frankly, this part is much more interesting than the rest of the story. But inevitably, the plot gets going. A blazing meteor with a hidden surprise lands near Riko’s house. And that’s when we meet... Aliens!

Because, of course, some extraterrestrials do have to turn up. It’s in the damn title. And they look really, really dumb – on purpose, I fervently hope. Stupid as it all is, Alien Addicition really does its best to take the wackiness in a logical, cheerfully insane direction. Some of this shit is pretty funny. Although it gets very filthy, and the whole thing is extremely silly, it keeps its endearing qualities to the very end, with its humour firmly in the gutter the whole way..

However, some gags really are stretched to breaking point; the entire thing goes on for far too long and it underestimates just how interesting Riko actually is – though he remains quite likeable throughout. It would’ve been more interesting to spend more time with him and his underused mates, but my biggest complaint lies in the sound mix, which does all the New Zealand inflections no favours at all, and buries a lot of the gags - especially right at the start, before you know who anybody is.

alien addiction 03 alien addiction 04

It all gets better right at the end, but there’s a lot of drawn-out shit in between. While Alien Addiction barely lasts the full 90 minutes, it does push that goodwill and tolerance for scat gags to breaking point. Like a mate who’s pooped himself at the end of a night out, you either laugh about it and forgive them, or never speak to them again… and by the time it throws in some uptight UFOlogists with delusions of grandeur, you kind of wish The Thing or something would erupt just to speed all this alien-nonsense along. But, it’s still an endearing, pretty unusual comedy romp. A mildly diverting, surprisingly sweet stoner-comedy that takes a fearless approach to its hilariously shitty concept.

Basically, if Jay and Silent Bob met some aliens, only they lived in New Zealand and liked to get high off fecal matter, well… That would be ridiculous, wouldn’t it? Actually, I’m sure Kevin Smith is gagging to do a remake. Just don’t watch this while eating.

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Movie: 3 Star Rating Cover

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