Written by Sharon Davies

DVD released by Signature Entertainment

Directed by Colin Theys
Written by John Doolan
2010, Region 2 (PAL), 91 minutes, Rated 15 (UK)
DVD released on 21st May 2012

Jeremy London as Brooklyn
Roddy Piper as Father Melluzzo
Cuyle Carvin as Bradan
Adrienne LeValley as Linnea
Ashley Bates as Meghan


Howdy – so, Y’all wanna hear a movie review? Heck this ‘un been fixin’ to drive me crazy…cough cough cough… oops sorry about that. I have been immersed in the world of redneck for the last 90 mins and it seems to have rubbed off on me a bit, apologies.

Ok so ask yourself this? What’s worse than a horror film based on a hillbilly junkyard? Well throw an alien in the mix and you have your answer.

In the UK release of Alien Infiltration (Alien Opponent in USA) the Mazurski Family is in trouble, and it isn’t just because Meghan Mazurski is cheating on her husband Tom with the idiotic but rather ripped Bradan and he's just found out. After Tom tries to teach his wife a lesson he soon finds himself at the business end of a hammer courtesy of Meghan’s mother, and with insurance dollars flashing in the family's eyes a plan is hatched. All they need to do is get the body to the insurance people, what could be easier?

Well it would have been, but an alien crash lands in the barn next to the body and gets royally in the way. The family blames the death of their “beloved” on the crash and throws out an SOS to nearby locals offering up a $100,000 dollar reward for the person who enters the junkyard and brings back the body and slays the monster.

Enter every demographic you can think of including a priest, stripper, cheerleaders, a karate troop, ninjas, marines, a maid and other members of The Village People turn up with guns in hand to blast the intruder's head off and claim their reward. Shame most of them are ill-equipped, in fact in the main I would be surprised if their brain powers combined could screw in a lightbulb.

To be fair, this film did make me laugh – its slapstick tongue in cheek humour matched with some equally class money shot kills make the film an amusing watch. Some parts, especially when the family start their infomercial campaign, are a little unbelievable – is it really that easy to get on TV in the south?

The cameo by Pro-wrestler Roddy Piper brings some kudos to the rabble but in the main I didn’t really get a sense of many of the other characters as they get 86ed very VERY quickly. The special effects are pretty good for a low budget flick and the set is actually brilliant, although the alien slugs that slip in and out of the junkyard (and unlucky people) are a little bit clunky, and the alien itself is sort of DIY ED209.

On the whole this film's rating largely depends on what mood you are in, I was in a particularly good one when I watched this, made better thanks to an ice cold Peroni, so found most of it pretty amusing. However, on a grey and cold day I might have found the whole thing a little tiresome.

Video and Audio:

Picture quality is good, especially for a low budget flick and even with the addition of thrown in special effects this all works together pretty well.

Audio again was clear, especially for its budget and even with the odd electro background music, used pretty sparingly, it doesn't interfere with the dialogue or detract from the goings-on throughout.

Special Features:




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