Alien Undead DVD Review

Written by Charlotte Stear

DVD released by Left Films


Written and Directed by Gregory Connors

2011, Region 2 (PAL), 96 minutes, Rated 18 (UK)
DVD released on 27th October 2011


Tonia Renee as Lena
Bret Kennedy as Michaels
Ozzie Devrish as Kirkland
Roslyn van Doorn as Yutani
Dirk Foulger as Konieg
Anthony Edwards as Dare
Davyd Williams as Canning
Cassia Rosenstraus as Jen





Alien Undead jolts us into a hot mess of a situation from the get go, pretty much preparing us for what will lay in store for the next hour and 30 minutes.  We are thrust into a mad panic as experiments at a secret underground research lab go horribly wrong, an ancient evil is unleashed and eight survivors must fight their way through the 13 levels to find safety.


I understand how this is a fun movie, the acting is so hammy at times that you know the director was probably asking them to redo scenes because it just wasn’t corny enough. Alien Undead is fully aware of what it is and plays up to it big time, but it did not hold my attention for long.  I did, however, find ways that could help wary viewers get through it if needs be, start a drinking game for every time someone says “God damn it!!” and you will find yourself rather intoxicated in no time. Maybe with a few drinks in hand and a lot of people around you, this could have some insanely fun elements to it. But as a standalone horror, science fiction film it is just bad and you certainly should not attempt to watch on your own.

On the plus, there are some good effects which make this low budget flick look rather neat and it pulls off its rather ambitious set. The monsters, which are neither alien nor zombie really, are pretty repulsive in a very cool way and there is an interesting plot twist, but whether you will stick with the film to find that out is another thing. There is a definite panic to the scenes that translate to the audience really well, the dark tunnels and extreme environment are rather claustrophobic so we can get wrapped up in that for the most part. But although the film takes you from dramatic moment to the next it does rather lose its momentum around the halfway mark and it becomes rather a chore to finish.



The insane acting will more likely start to grate rather than entertain, which is a shame because this film actually looks really great. There are moments when it sounds like a few of the actors have been dubbed, which just adds to the cheesy aspects of the film they were really going for, but becomes a nuisance when watching.

Director Gregory Connors has achieved a kind of spoof of every film he no doubt holds dear (Alien, Doom etc), it’s just really hard to get through without wincing all the time.


Video and Audio:


For the obviously small budget it has, both video and audio offer no problems whatsoever. The DVD is shown in 1.85:1 aspect ratio and 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound.


Special Features:


There are a few little extras here that will be of interest to anyone who really liked this film. There is a documentary showing the behind the scenes of making Alien Undead, some concept art and also a bonus short film, Netherworld. All worth checking out.









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