All American Zombie Drugs Movie Review

Written by Jennifer Turner

DVD released by Midnight Releasing


Written and directed by Alex Ballar
2013, 100 minutes, Not Rated
DVD released on April 23rd, 2013

Beau Nelson as Vinny
Wolfgang Weber as Sebastian
Natalie Irby as Melissa
Susan Graham as Kara
Alex Ballar as Michael



The unthinkable has happened. I was sent a movie that didn't make me want to gouge out my eyeballs. I am thankful to Horror DNA for bestowing this wonderful gift on me.

All American Zombie Drugs centers on Vinny (Beau Nelson) and Sebastian (Wolfgang Weber), two stoners looking to branch out from their small time dealing. They end up blowing all their money on fake drugs and decide to make their own. Their designer drugs have the unfortunate side effect of killing and reanimating their users, leaving the duo fighting for their lives.

First off, the cast is wonderful. In the hands of lesser actors, the film might have been less enjoyable. However, Nelson and Weber have great chemistry and their characters are very reminiscent of the good old days of Wayne and Garth or Bill and Ted.

My particular favorite is Natalie Irby, who totally steals the show as the boys' reluctant financial backer, Melissa. Her character's dark and flippant reaction to serious situations brings a refreshing dose of humor to the movie.

There is a lot of comedic gold in this film. I found myself actually laughing out loud which is rare for me. Some of the running gags, such as Sebastian's narcolepsy, get old but they did not detract from my satisfaction with the film.

The film does drag a little bit with overused running gags and minors characters that really have no point in the film. It doesn't help that the zombies don't show up until they end of the film, and the finale is somewhat of a copout.

Despite my dissatisfaction with the ending, there was something about it that was sweet and heartwarming, so I ended up forgiving the film for its slow moments (but not much).

All American Zombie Drugs is definitely not a movie to miss. It has everything, humor, gore, and a sharp sense of wit. It contains a fun anti-drug message without coming off like a preachy After School Special. All those things together make it one of the best low-budget films that I have had the pleasure of seeing.


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