As Night Falls Movie Review

Written by John Colianni

DVD released by Breaking Glass Pictures

Written and directed by Joe Davison
2011, 77 minutes, Not Rated
DVD released on November 12th, 2013

Julie Anne as Olivia
Lily Cardone as Holly
Ken Anthony II as Steve
Joe Davison as Charlie
Grace Chapman as Amelia



Very few independent films that I have seen lately have enough heart that can carry it through over an hour of antics and ridiculous dialogue. A campy flick these days is hard to come by, but when it happens it's typically hated by a majority and held fondly by a select few. Cheesy special effects, a cast of expendable characters and and acting that would give Morgan Freeman a stroke are all primary characteristics of a low-budget slaughter fest that makes me all warm and tingly inside. Breaking Glass Picture's As Night Falls does just that and more.

Sisters Holly and Elizabeth are living in the home that was supposed to be the the retirement home for their parents. After the sudden death of their father, their mother is forced to work double shifts while the bills pile up and the home risks foreclosure. What the girls (and their brother Charlie) do not know is that their residence holds a horrible past that is about to come back with a vengeance. The murder of a little girl nearly fifty years ago is about to crash an epic house party and force friends and family to fight back against a horror no one could have seen coming.


One of the reasons I happened to fall in love with As Night Falls is the fact that it doesn't take itself seriously. Is this a film that's going to make everyone involved famous and millionaires? Absolutely not, but with that comes a number of liberties. At least from what I have seen, everyone who helped in the creation of the film had a blast doing so. The large cast makes it perfectly acceptable to kill off the goofballs and douche bags and leaves plenty of bodies strewn about and heads rolling (literally). As Night Falls feels like that film I always wanted to make with my best friends but we were too lazy and drunk (not much as changed). The editing and special effects aren't the best I've seen from an independent feature, but all of that is left by the wayside when introduced to a cast of fun characters who leave you smiling as they're being killed with pitchforks and throwing down against their ghostly foes with shotguns and Samurai swords. The theme song of the film, cleverly titled "As Night Falls", written by Dirty Black Trio, adds tons to the fun of the film and I was happy to hear it keep popping up.

As Night Falls brings something to the table that I think a lot of independent films are missing as of late: smiles. When a production house, director and group of actors all end up taking themselves too seriously, viewers are often left cringing at a group of prima donnas that should have stayed performing at their town's shitty amateur playhouse. Scares and suspense, followed up with an all-star cast and millions of dollars to cram into a project are all great things, but sometimes it's just plain old fun to kick back and watch actors have a blast in their own skin. Haters will hate, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a sequel to As Night Falls.

There weren't any special features since this was a screener, but that didn't stop me from rewinding the credits and rocking out to "As Night Falls" by Dirty Black Trio over and over again. Goddamn that song is catchy.


Video, Audio and Special Features:

Video, audio and special features will not be graded as this was a screener.



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