Blood Car DVD Review

Written by Joel Harley

DVD released by Left Films



Directed by Alex Orr
Written by Alex Orr, Hugh Braselton and Adam Pinney
2007, All regions (PAL), 100 minutes, Rated 18 (UK)
DVD released on 23rd July 2012

Mike Brune as Archie Andrews
Anna Chlumsky as Lorraine
Katie Rowlett as Denise
Matt Hutchinson as Donald Watkins
Marla Malcolm as Hitchhiker
Mr. Malt as Car Jacker





In a world where fuel is so expensive that no-one can afford to drive (imagine that...) a man attempts to develop the first car capable of running on wheatgrass. Working hard in his laboratory, Archie accidentally spills his own blood into the grass. The car springs to life, no thanks to the wheatgrass. If this near future is anything to go by, it reveals that the electric car is a non-starter (the car. It's a non-starter, geddit?)



Blood Car is like The Little Shop of Horrors (without the singing) crossed with Bong of the Dead (without the horrible stoners). Its story, in which a shy geek finds love and confidence while also murdering people to fuel his own monstrous creation, is an old one. The opening moments and promotional material would suggest an exercise in Grindhouse style excess, but Blood Car is sweeter and less assured than that – like a gruesome Troma movie crossed with a cutesy indie comedy. The film could have been recast with Zooey Deschanel and Zach Braff without missing a beat.



It's odder than even its own synopsis would suggest, with blood constantly spraying from the car's exhaust and Archie going around murdering innocent hitch-hikers and hobos to refuel. One scene has him riding down the street on a bicycle, wielding an axe above his head to a classical music refrain. It's a determinedly odd movie in which a vegan kindergarten teacher murders dogs and people in order to fuel his 'blood car', (the technical term, adopted by the government) absorbing a blood lust himself via osmosis. It gets even weirder as the Men in Black arrive, looking to re-appropriate Archie's technology to create 'blood trucks and blood tanks'. Typical government – always wanting to turn helpful technology (in this case a vampire car) into tools of war.



Blood Car was filmed in 2007 on a very tight budget. The film's technical qualities constantly betray this fact. The acting is consistently awful across the board, as is the script. Some viewers may find themselves unable to look past the cheap visuals, which look like the sort of thing you'd expect to find on YouTube. The lunatic plot and sheer enthusiasm, however, make it a hard film to actively dislike. As the humour gets blacker and blacker, it becomes easier to forgive any shortcomings. And it has a lot of shortcomings.

Blood Car is cheap, amateurish and very silly. It's also a lot of fun, provided you don't mind the overall lack of polish. It could do with a bit of a tune-up, but the mechanics under the hood are sound enough.

Video and Audio:


It looks extremely cheap and grainy. The classical music which accompanies every scene is effective, but tends to make it feel even more like an amateur student film.


Special Features:


A behind the scenes featurette, a featurette in which the filmmakers show us how to make fake blood and trailers. There's also a short film about grass (the garden variety) starring a kid who looks exactly like Will from The Inbetweeners. Also, a character called 'Johnny Bush' and lightsabers for some reason.









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