Blood Creek Blu-ray Review

Written by Daniel Benson

Blu-ray released by Entertainment Film



Directed by Joel Schumacher
Written by David Kajganich
2009, Region B(PAL), 90 minutes, Rated 18 (UK)
Blu-ray released on 24th October 2011

Henry Cavill as Evan Marshall
Dominic Purcell as Victor Alan Marshall
Emma Booth as Liese Wollner
Michael Fassbender as Richard Wirth
Rainer Winkelvoss as Otto Wollner
László Mátray as Karl Wollner
Joy McBrinn as Mrs. Wollner





Oh those cheeky Nazis with their long leather coats and plans for world domination, they’re such scamps. If movie lore is to be believed, when they’re not trying to establish a master race, you’ll find them nose-deep in a book on the occult searching for the secret of eternal life. And that’s exactly how Joel Schumacher’s shiny new horror offering finds them.

The story of Blood Creek finds paramedic Evan Marshall without his brother Victor. He lost him on a hunting trip two years previous. Not ‘lost’ as in he was shot and killed, he was taken by persons unknown in the middle of the night. Evan’s surprise is understandable when, in the early hours of the morning, he’s woken by the return of Victor asking him to load up the guns and come with him without question.



Being the loving brother he is, Evan duly complies and goes with Victor to the remote farmhouse that has been his prison since his disappearance. The family living there is Victor's target for revenge, but below the house they keep a dark secret: a Nazi scientist who has harnessed the power of runestones to give him everlasting life. The last thing Evan and Victor need is an accident that sees him set free, but in the course of battling the family it inevitably happens. Oh dear, now you’ve gone and done it Vic...

Most horror fans will know Schumacher for '80s Brat Pack vampire flick The Lost Boys, whereas comic book fans will know him as the man that gave Batman’s suit a set of rubber nipples. A scan of his filmography reveals a long list of prominent flicks that span a variety of genres. And they all have one thing in common: entertaining, if throwaway entertainment. Blood Creek is no different; it’s a surprisingly well-done horror romp that makes up for any lack of originality with brisk pacing and a solid cast. Plus it has a zombie horse. You don’t get many zombie horses for your money these days.



Henry Cavill and Dominic Purcell take the roles of brothers Evan and Victor respectively, and a bloody good job of it they do too. The only thing that was a little difficult to swallow was Evan’s conforming with Vic’s “no questions” instruction so readily. Brotherly love is fair enough, but to spend an extended journey by car and boat – sometimes in silence – without so much as a “So, what’s up, bro?” was stretching it somewhat. At the farmhouse Emma Booth as the daughter, Liese, makes the very best of what she’s working with, while Michael Fassbender is a treat as main antagonist, Wirth.

There is a surprising amount of gore for a film which is, on the face of it, built for mass appeal. Skin is slashed, blood pours, the dead rise and when Evan and Victor face off with Wirth for the final showdown, the result shows an ingenious use for barbed wire fencing.

So, not this time Mr Nazi, your plans for an evil black magic takeover of mankind are scuppered once more. And he would’ve gotten away with it if it wasn’t for those pesky kids.



Video and Audio:


The 1080p 2.35:1 picture gets the job done, but as most of the scenes take place at night there's not a great deal to wow the viewer. Solid enough throughout, but not spectacular. The DTS-HD Master Audio is in 5.1 and is a kindred spirit to the video, neither disappointing nor impressing greatly.


Special Features:


Just a trailer. Nothing to see here, move along.










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