Blood Runs Cold DVD Review

Written by Daniel Benson

DVD released by Chelsea Films



Directed by Sonny Laguna
Written by Tommy Wiklund and Sonny Laguna
2011, Region 2 (PAL), 80 minutes, Rated 15 (UK)
DVD released on 3rd October 2011

Hanna Oldenburg as Winona
Andreas Rylander as Carl
Ralf Beck as Winona's Manager
Patrick Saxe as Richard
Elin Hugoson as Liz



Blood Runs Cold was a feature of the Discovery Screen at London's Frightfest 2011. Although I didn't get to see this screened at the festival, Chelsea Films was kind enough to send an advance screener so I didn't have to duck out of the Main Screen schedule.



Note to young attractive women: If you're planning to take a trip to an isolated house for some time out, don't. Isolated houses are almost always built near to toothless, inbred rapists or serial killers. Or both.

If only Winona (Hanna Oldenberg) could have heeded this simple advice, she and her friends may not have ended up as axe-fodder in this low-budget Swedish-pretending-to-be-American stalk and slash affair. Made on a budget of just $5000, this formulaic serial killer outing brings little new to the genre, save for lots of snow and a pretty cool (no pun intended) cannibalistic ice-dwelling murderer.

You know the score by now: young female artist needs a break from her stressful life so she travels back to her home town where her boss has rented her a remote and slightly spooky house. She meets up with an old boyfriend and some of his friends in a bar, they all go back to Murder Mansion to party, nutjob with an axe lives in the basement, (almost) everyone dies, The End.



Yes, it's a well trodden path, but really not that bad considering the meagre amount of money involved. Although the story is set in the USA, it was shot in Sweden and all the actors speak English rather than their native tongue. While I can't blame the film-makers for trying to maximise distribution potential by shooting in English, it is plainly obvious that the actors are NOT American with even the best accents being tinged with an undeniably European twang.

Let's face it though, this is a slasher movie so the audience shouldn't be interested in geographically accurate accents, it's all about the killer and his work. This is where Blood Runs Cold excels: we never get any background to the killer, but he's a nasty piece of work that favours an axe to chop up his victims, looks like a frozen Nazi zombie and doesn't bleed when you stick him. And when the killing starts it becomes obvious that a good chunk of the budget was invested in the gore. Over the course of the film the blood doesn't just run cold, it spurts, gushes and pours its crimson stain all over the virgin white landscape.

Considering that a good amount of truly terrible low-budget efforts make it to DVD, many of them the American that Blood Runs Cold pretends to be, this is not bad at all in comparison. If you need a short blast of logic-free, bloody entertainment then by all means give it a whirl.


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