Bunnyman Massacre Movie Review

Written by Richelle Charkot

DVD released by Midnight Releasing


Written and directed by Carl Lindbergh
2014, 104 minutes, Not Rated
DVD released on August 12th, 2014

David Scott as Joe
Julianne Dowler as Sarah
Jennifer June Ross as Lauren
Joshua Lang as Bunnyman
Marshal Hilton as Sheriff Clint Baxter
Heather Daley as Robin
Stefanie Estes as Jennifer
Jamie Bernadette as Kelly
Kate Bowen as Rachel



Horror films that effectively demand thought and commitment to their story lines can be some of the most memorable and terrifying movies, but every now and then, quite frankly, everyone needs a little bit of hack, slash and T&A. Bunnyman Massacre, sequel to 2011's Bunnyman, follows psychopathic Joe and his brother, a sadistic lunatic who insists that he always be dressed in a bunny suit.The movie is reminiscent of the early exploitation subgenre in its outrageous characters and lack of deeper purpose other than to be excessive. Bunnyman Massacre is disgusting, but in a fun way, with almost no plot whatsoever and is occasionally amusing for fans of dark humour.

Joe and the Bunnyman continue their indiscriminate killing in a small town, where Joe uses the flesh of the victims to create beef jerky and sell it in his corner store. Although primarily enthusiastic for the jerky-fodder, he becomes frustrated with the ever-growing pile of dead bodies to account for due to the Bunnyman's increased 'productivity.' A suspicious sheriff begins to sniff around Joe's territory after several disappearances in the area, but it doesn't stop the dynamic duo from mutilating and torturing every person that comes into their path. The only worthy adversaries of the brothers are two sisters that use their logic and unfaltering wills to try to escape from becoming a snack to be sold at Joe's store. Emotions rise between Joe and his brother, which sends the Bunnyman into an even deeper psychological breakdown, and bids viewers to ask, "How can this guy even get any crazier?"


Although this is by no means a great movie, it is so odd and twisted that I found myself laughing at parts and then wondering if I should even be laughing – which speaks volumes for gory flicks that have a comedic undertone. It is consistently disappointing to watch a film that tiptoes around jokes or scenes that could offend and then subsequently come off as vanilla and tamed. Bunnyman Massacre unapologetically grasps onto perverse, rips out its guts and then shoves them in your face. It does appear fairly low budget, which is especially apparent in some of the kill scenes where it is obvious that actors are stabbing beside a body rather than through it, but the practical effects and gallons of fake blood provide a campy charm that remains fun and disgusting to watch. The scene that is the worst offender of looking fake is when the Bunnyman uses a chainsaw to cut a girl in half, and a close-up of the side of her head exposes that the blade is nowhere near her. Although this scene is a product of bad staging, it remains as one of my favourite parts of the whole movie. The film begins to drag near the end in the plot with the sheriff, which is so minuscule and unimportant that it would have been much stronger if it was cut altogether. Lindbergh appears to be honing his craft as his franchise progresses, as Bunnyman (2011) was almost unanimously viewed as a cosmic failure, and Bunnyman Massacre manages to be far more enjoyable in its excessiveness and remarkably uncomplicated story.



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