Camp Blood: The Musical Movie Review

Written by Daniel Benson


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Directed by Tanner Barklow, Jefferson Craig & Thomas Hughes

2006, 30 minutes, Not rated


Fia Alverez as Kris
Ashley Hanna as Angel (Kitty Brazelton - singing voice)
Emma Manion as Justine
Dan Wilcox as JT
Jacob Wolf as Cain
Tom Shoemaker as Marty
Scott Neagle as Simon Scuddamore
Ben Pawlik as Leo the Janitor
Julianne Smolinski as The Truck Driving Dyke
Jim Bolenbaugh and Nick Neidorff as The Killer (Thomas Bogan - singing voice)



A group of teens head to Camp Blood for the summer and get killed. And it’s a musical.



One of the good things about having a Myspace page is the indie filmmakers who get in touch to promote their movies. One of the bad things about Myspace is that any goober with a video camera can use it to promote their latest offering. I have to admit, when the makers of Camp Blood: The Musical got in touch I was somewhat sceptical that their particular project would be up to much. I mean, an '80s slasher musical, it simply couldn’t be any good, could it?

So when the disc arrived, the scant information tells me that it was shot on a budget of $200 and “most of that went on t-shirts and beer”. I’m also informed the script was written in about two hours, and the songs in a further seven. Come on guys, you’re not really giving me the hard sell here. With low expectations, I threw it in the machine.


And you know what? I spent the next half hour tapping my feet and chuckling to myself.

Yes, it’s cheap and it shows. Yes, the cast largely suck at acting — and singing — but they know it, and subsequently ham it up in style. The writers have managed to take every slasher movie cliché and parody them in both story and song. The group of “teens” consists of the usual; jock, virgin, nerd, stoner, slut and freak. When the stoner breaks out his stash, the ‘bad’ ones partake and head off for some pre-marital sex. And of course, when the group splits up, people die at the hands of a masked killer. Granted, due to budgetary constraints, he’s a wooly ski-masked killer but he still manages to keep variety in both his weapons of choice and his modus operandi.

The songs are absolutely great, and my particular favourite was “When the Tops Come Off”, the lyrics of which parody the ubiquitous T&A scenes we know and love. My admiration for this musical number is inspired by the sharp lyrics, and not the fact it’s performed by two topless girls. Oh no.

Given the fact that Camp Blood was made for pocket change, the makers have really produced something new, refreshing and genuinely amusing. Imagine a Mel Brooks remake of Friday the 13th and you’d be pretty close to this result. A free DVD of the movie was available through the Myspace page, but they had to withdraw it because of the sheer number of requests they were getting. Shame, because there’s a lot of horror fans out there who’d get a kick out of it. Currently the team is working on a feature length script. If they can pack as much freshness and originality into that, as they have into Camp Blood, they're onto a winner.


Video, Audio and Special Features:

Not graded as this was a screener.


Movie: 3 stars
Video: n/a
Audio: n/a
Features: n/a
Overall: 3 stars

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