Camp Death III in 2D! Movie Review

Written by Ryan Noble

Released by Frame Forty Films

Written and directed by Matt Frame
2018, 81 minutes, Not Yet Rated

Dave Penuik as Todd Boogjumper
Angela Galanopoulous as Rachel Diaz

camp death 3 in 2d poster


Just like Jason when he’s hacking down counsellors, I’m not going to mess around with my review of Camp Death III in 2D!. This film is only going to appeal to a very niche audience – an audience that I don’t think I’m a part of. If you like outrageous characters and scenarios, bizarre dialogue and deaths, and a silly feel all around, Matt Frame’s Friday the 13th horror parody might be for you.

Camp Death III in 2D! takes place at Camp Crystal Meph, a play on Camp Crystal Lake from the famous Friday the 13th franchise. I have to admit the name did give me a quick chuckle. Todd Boogjumper, played by Dave Peniuk, and Rachel Diaz, played by Angela Galanopoulos, are re-opening the camp to rehabilitate a bus-load (quite literally) of the mentally unwell. Despite the camp having been closed multiple times as a result of over 400 deaths – which might even impress Jason himself – Todd is filled with positivity that it’ll go well. I couldn’t help but like him.

camp death 3 in 2d 01

Todd and Rachel’s scenes together are my favourite throughout the film as it feels from the get-go that they are given more character. Although, looking back, it may just be that it feels like they’re some of the only characters throughout the film who are able to have a conversation with some well-timed comedy without needing to scream, squeal, shout, or rely on an edit with increased speed.

Todd’s cheery attitude and bewilderment to most things around him tickles me and Rachel’s “tragic” backstory is the kind of silly parody humour I expected from the film. Together they kind of remind me of the couple from Airplane, which can only be a good thing.

Once the rest of the characters are introduced, though, I realised that their scenes aren’t going to be representative of most. The rest of the characters, each stranger than the last, are never really explored during the film. Although this can be the case in many slashers, there’s normally at least enough character building that I know who I like and dislike. In this film, however, most “conversations” are nothing more than high-pitched squeals and giggles. So, when it is their time to die, I didn’t really mind.

camp death 3 in 2d 02

I think the main reason for this is that the film seems to run at 1.5x the normal speed, which is strange and unnecessary. Sometimes this speed adds an extra layer of uneasiness (probably the only layer) as the characters laugh maniacally or run awkwardly, but most of the time it’s somewhat annoying.

Having said that, there is one crazy scene that did make me laugh. Two campers are chasing the killer – for what reason, I don’t know – on speeder bikes through the forest. It’s so completely random that I had to laugh at the chaos unfolding in front of me, and I can’t help but wonder whether I would have enjoyed the film more if it had relied more heavily on implementing beloved franchises to get its laughs. The film does have its own unique take on the mother-son killer combo, though, so that’s something.

camp death 3 in 2d 03

Another aspect worth noting is that the special effects are quite good at times, despite the film’s smaller budget, with graphic spurts of blood and eyeballs blowing out of sockets. They are occasionally a bit hit and miss, but suit the low-budget 80s theme that the film is aiming for.

As the credits rolled, I knew that Camp Death III 3 in 2D! was not for me. I went in expecting a campy parody of Friday the 13th, and while it has a few funny moments and extreme levels of gore, the film is just too much for me. It’s definitely a love or hate kind of movie, so I’d recommend watching if you like absolutely insane plots and characters surrounded by gore and squealing. If that’s your poison, you might like to spend the summer at Camp Crystal Meph.


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