Cannibal Movie Review

Written by John Colianni

DVD released by RAM Releasing


Directed by Manuel Martin Cuenca
Written by Humberto Arenal, Alejandro Hernandez and Manuel Matrin Cuenca
2013, 116 minutes, Rated R
Theatrical release on July 25th, 2014

Antonio de la Torre as Carlos
Olimpia Melinte as Alexandra/Nina
Maria Alfonso Rosso as Aurora
Florin Fildan as Bogdan



Horror comes is many shapes and sizes. Whether you're easing into the genre and starting off slow or if you want to dive into the latest, most overly sensational film you can get your hands on, there are an abundance of films to choose from. That may be the draw into horror for me. No matter what mood I am in, I can find a sub genre that is at the right pace, maturity level and gore factor that suits my particularly fussy personality at any give time. Every now and then, when I've had my fill of balls-to-the-wall, in your face horror, falling back on a calmer, more subtle film hits the spot. This is why I enjoyed Manuel Martin Cuenca's Cannibal so much

The plot is a simple one. Carlos is a well-renowned tailor in Grenada. He handcrafts suits and dresses alike for his clientele. What most do not know is that Carlos is also a cannibal. He stalks women, kills them, carves them up and stores their meat in his freezer. This is his life. Working, killing, feeding. All of that seemingly changes when he begins to fall in love with the sister of one of his victims. The battle that rages on within Carlos to conceal who he really is and what he has done from what seems to be his first real love takes the audience on a dark, emotional ride that all comes to a climactic end.



When I first read about Cannibal, before viewing it, I had to take a step back from what I already knew about the typical cannibal horror films. Carlos, being prestigious, can very well draw similarities from Hannibal Lecter. However, that was quickly dismissed as Carlos is more of a social recluse. Still well spoken and perfectly mannered, he is weary of letting anyone get close to him because of what he truly is. Much of this and the overall atmosphere reminded me very much of Let The Right One In. In the role of Carlos, actor Antonio de la Torre conveys an amazing amount to the audience without saying very much. This should make it nice and easy for those who are too lazy to keep up with subtitles. Yes, it's a foreign film. Quit your bitching. Also Olimpia Melinte does an amazing job of fulfilling the roles of twin sisters Alexandra/Nina as she unknowingly falls in love with a monster.

If you're a fast-paced horror movie enthusiast that is looking to slow things down a bit before the limbs and guts start to fly once more, please take the time to watch Cannibal. There are very few independent films that have this level of production quality and top notch acting that will leave you remembering the characters and atmosphere for quite some time. If you've never watched a horror movie that deals with cannibalism, this is as close to a date movie you're going to get. So if a calmer, more character driven piece is what you crave or tricking the Mrs. into a seemingly less gruesome horror film is the goal, Cannibal will not disappoint.



Movie: fourstars Cover
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