Comedown Movie Review

Written by Charlotte Stear

DVD released by Studiocanal

Directed by Menhaj Huda
Written by Steven Kendall
2012, 94 minutes, Rated 15 (UK)
DVD released on 11th March 2013

Jacob Anderson as Lloyd
Sophie Stuckey as Jemma
Adam Deacon as Jason
Jessica Barden as Kelly




Comedown follows six friends who help turn an abandoned tower block they grew up in into a place to transmit a pirate radio station. But while they begin to relax in their old familiar surroundings, they realise they are not alone. After Jemma (Sophie Stuckey) goes missing they assume a rival gang is to blame, but when things begin to get weird and downright nasty, they realise this is a whole new predator that has evil on its mind.

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The setup for the film is quite interesting, but one that isn’t particularly original at the moment. Obvious comparisons to Attack The Block and the more recent Tower Block prove this is becoming a common playground for horror releases. There’s no denying it’s a creepy location, and having this modern commentary of "the youth of today" has been refreshing, but it feels like its losing its cache now and is stumbling around a pit of clichés.

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One of the biggest downfalls for the film is the incredibly unlikeable characters, even the lead Lloyd (Jacob Anderson), the one we are supposedly wanting to root for, has nothing to offer and along with a wooden performance by Anderson, it is hard for audiences to connect to what he’s going through. The script is also paint by numbers and the dialogue becomes rather irritating. This could have been a creepy cat and mouse slasher, but unfortunately it descends into a torture ridden mess. And though some of the kills are imaginative, a nail gun kill will always remind me of Final Destination 3 which is damn hard kill to top.

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It’s hard to comment on what it is like to live in inner city London and deal with what these kids must go through, coming from the rural grounds of Cheshire, England myself, I’m not going to even try…but when a film like Comedown comes along it’s hard to take it as gospel and rather a mockery of what life can be like, it becomes cheap, corny and the kids become caricatures. All Comedown does is remind us of how brilliantly Joe Cornish captured an angered generation in Attack The Block. With that in mind it is advisable to bypass this one completely, and head back to your DVD rack to revisit that modern classic. There is no new ground here.

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