Connie Short Movie Review

Written by Charlotte Stear

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Written and directed by Cat Davies
2016, 20 minutes, Not Rated

Catrin Stewart as Dolly and Connie
David Puckridge as Ollie Bloom
Paul Langton as Male Compere
Sikisa Bostwicj-Barnes as Female Compete
Cat Davies as Bitchy Backstage Comedian

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When you think of horror movies that use dolls the list is endless (not to mention incredible), but there aren’t too many that can walk the line of comedy and still retain the scary. FrightFest short Connie seeks to do exactly that.

Dolly is an aspiring comedian with crippling stage fright that leaves her unable to utter a word on stage. To overcome this, Dolly orders a ventriloquist dummy, only it turns out her new puppet is a living doll called Connie who is out to take over Dolly’s life.

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Connie is, for the most part, a really refreshing, fun comedy. There are some genuinely hilarious moments which Catrin Stewart plays effortlessly, in particular how she plays the shy, insular Dolly and also the voice of the brash, Joan Rivers-esque Connie and to see them both bickering in a bathroom while Dolly’s date waits patiently outside is a definite highlight.

But there’s also this underlying sense of unease running through the film to its climactic ending. We know this doll is not just the bold, advice-giving mentor Dolly’s always needed, she’s out for more than that. Dolls are just plain creepy and to watch someone interact with one like it’s a real human is really unsettling. But with all the comedy going on, when the film ends you may feel the horror crept up on you out of nowhere. Kind of like Connie herself.

connie 02

Writer Cat Davies obviously has a love for this particular subgenre of horror and it shows (major kudos for getting Kim Newman to cameo as himself on a faux horror documentary about possessed dolls), her passion for horror means she has a fantastic grasp on how to get under the audience's skin, while taking a fairly well-known story and doing something new and exciting with it. We’re used to the Chuckys of the genre invoking the fear, but with this new female focus, Connie is a force to be reckoned with, and so is Cat Davies. It will be exciting to see what she will do next.


Movie: 4 Star Rating connie small

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