Cut! Movie Review

Written by John Colianni

DVD released by MTI Home Video

Directed by David Rountree
Written by David Banks and David Rountree 
2014, 101 minutes, Not Rated
DVD released on January 20th, 2015

David Rountree as Travis Simon
David Banks as Lane Hayes
Dahlia Salem as Chloe Jo
Sam Scarber as Homeless Man



The current era of film that we all live in and get to experience is an interesting one to say the least. Gone are the days of not having the means to create a film. Independent directors, actors and art designers are no longer restrained by unobtainable technology or equipment to create entertaining productions for all to see. Movies with both large and small budgets have achieved critical acclaim by providing audiences riveting characters and a plot that starts and finishes with purpose. Just imagine as a filmmaker, you're convinced you've hit cinematic gold and all that stands in the way of creating your masterpiece is scaring the ever-living hell out of some unsuspecting people along the way. This is the premise of director David Rountree's Cut!.

An unlikely duo, an ex-con and aspiring filmmaker, have hatched a plan to make the perfect horror movie by scaring unsuspecting participants in the process. Lane and Travis have staged scenes to piece together their vision, but when something goes wrong and someone is murdered in the process, the two decide that actually killing people is what will truly frighten their audiences. How many victims will there be before they decide their film is complete?

Director (also co-writer and actor) David Rountree along with co-writer David Banks have pieced together a unique plot that hasn't been tackled since Wes Craven's Scream. Two characters have decided to construct their own narrative by actively killing. While the antagonists and their motives in Scream aren't known until the climax, Cut! pulls inspiration and adds its own flair along the way. Fans of gore will be relieved to know that special effects weren't sold short and when the blood starts to flow, it looks pretty damn awesome. While some of the acting isn't as captivating as some may like, the end of the film provides a surprise that's worth sticking through. Usually I'm not a huge proponent of someone being  jack of all trades, but Cut! refrains by shoving that down the throats of the viewers and that's something important worth noting as well.

Horror films aren't always about scaring people half to death, making them check under their beds and behind their shower curtains, Sometimes delivering blood, guts and a good, old-fashioned plot twist is enough to gain some respect in the horror community. Cut! is definitely worth sitting through. Unlike some many other independent horror movies out there today, it doesn't waste your time with forced dialogue or another rehashed plot about a serial killer on the loose or a haunted house that wants to feast on the souls of your crappy kids.



Movie: 4 Star Rating Cover
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