Daddy's Little Girl Movie Review

Written by John Colianni

DVD released by Breaking Glass Pictures


Written and Directed by Chris Sun
2014, 107 minutes, Not Rated
DVD released on May 13th, 2014

Billi Baker as Georgia
Michael Thomson as Derek
Allira as Stacey
Christian Radford as Tommy



Oh how sweet revenge can be. Witnessing someone really get what they deserve can be painfully satisfying. Revenge cinema happens to be a rather specific genre of horror one can delve into. Some are dramatic and character driven and others can be a bloody mess. As far back as Wes Craven's Last House on the Left and Park Chan-wook's Oldboy, people have been watching and cringing as mothers, fathers, sons, daughters and friends wreak their well-earned havoc on their wrongdoers. Maybe these films gain popularity because as viewers we wish we could be as satisfied as the characters enacting their revenge. Maybe some people get off on watching this stuff. Whatever the case may be, there has always been a demand for this genre and many have tried and failed in the process. Chris Sun's Daddy's Little Girl is one such attempt.

Derek and Stacey have a beautiful little girl, Georgia. Their lives together are just short of perfect, until one fateful day. Georgia goes missing and a parents worst nightmare becomes a reality. Georgia is murdered and the killer is still at large. The loss of his daughter is too much for Derek to handle and he leaves Stacey, blaming her for his daughter's abduction. After recovering what he could of his life after his daughter, Derek enjoys little peace when he suspects someone closest to him is responsible for her killing. What happens next will change Derek's life forever.


Daddy's Little Girl has an awesome premise as far as revenge horror flicks go. It's reminds me a bit of a modern day Last House on the Left (not to keep bringing that up) in the sense that a parent is seeking to inflict the same anguish and pain on the perpetrator that was dealt to their loved one. That's literally the only comparison between the two movies. Unfortunately, Daddy's Little Girl suffers from a multitude of issues. For starters, the video quality is rather poor, which usually doesn't bother me if the film can make up for it in other regards. Most of the acting is dry and many scenes are forced. For a movie that is just over an hour and a half, one would think that content would be smooth and thought out. Halfway through, I was wondering when the story would pick up. The only save for Daddy's Little Girl is the gore, but even that was too little too late. I am interested to see if Chris Sun can learn from this and rebound with another more hashed out plot and script.

All of us want to see the evil guys in a movie suck the big one. No one is going to shed a tear when the murderer/rapist/kid-diddler gets dismembered and then fed slo-mo into a wood chipper. Those are the climactic happenings that every viewer waits and cheers for. What matters more is the build up to their end. When you can't care less about the characters and their emotions, the ending falls flat and the credits can't seem to come soon enough. Having a camera that has less resolution than an early 2000's flip phone doesn't help either. For those craving to get their fill on sweet, sweet revenge, stick to a classic like Oldboy (not that Josh Brolin shit) and quietly forget that you spent time on this one.



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