Dawn of the Deaf Short Movie Review

Written by Charlotte Stear

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Directed by Rob Savage
Written by Rob Savage and Jed Shepherd
2016, 12 minutes, Not Rated

Emily Bevan as Claire
Haley Bishop as Nat
Stephen Collins as Kevin
Radina Drandova as Imogen

dawn of the deaf poster


When a strange noise infects all of the hearing population, it leaves the deaf community to fend for themselves against a new breed of evil.

Dawn of the Deaf is easily the most powerful short film screened at this year’s FrightFest. Writer and director Rob Savage presents us with three character groups, all with very heavy, emotionally-driven stories that are all succinctly presented so we know enough to become affected by their stories. And yes, this is a ten-minute film... the mind boggles at what he will do with a full- length feature. It’s also incredibly refreshing to see a film use actors from the deaf community to tell this brilliantly unique story. The performances are strong, especially that of Sam (Caroline Ward) and her dad (Chris Curran) who take a very sensitive subject and portray it with care.

dawn of the deaf 01

It’s also beautifully shot and uses ingenious styles to tell the story; in one scene we watch two characters sign to each other but their body language obscures the subtitles for the audience yet we can still understand what they’re trying to emote to each other.

dawn of the deaf 02

Dawn of the Deaf will leave you with such a big impact, as if you had been through all the emotions of a feature film, but you’ll still be wanting more. This feels like just a taster of a movie that needs to be seen. To create such an original story and tell it in an inventive way shows great promise from director Rob Savage. Everyone should see this film.


Movie: 5 Star Rating dawn of the deaf small

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