Dead Women In Lingerie Movie Review

Written by Neon Maniac


DVD released by MTI Video 



Directed by Erica Fox

Written by  Erica Fox and John Romo
1991, Region 1 (NTSC), 86 minutes, Rated R

DVD released on September 20th, 2005



John Romo
Maura Tierney
Jerry Orbach
Dennis Christopher
June Lockhart
Lyle Waggoner
Ken Osmond




Lingerie designer Molly is a happy go lucky sort of gal. A young designer, she just wants to make a name for herself and her quality undergarments. But when a serial killer starts targetting the illegal aliens she uses as models, this will not abide. Against the wishes of her boss, sweatshop owner Mr. Bartoli, Molly hires a private detective to do the work the police are unwilling or unable to do.  What ensues is a schizophrenically written movie that is part thriller, part romantic comedy, has Maura Tierney's one and only nude scene, and is  all about dead women in lingerie.



With such a lurid title, you might expect Dead Women in Lingerie to be the type of film that shows up late at night on Cinemax.  Unfortunately, it is not.  It is as if writer/director Erica Fox did not know what kind of movie she wanted to make, so she tried making Dead Women a little bit of everything.   Starting out as a straight ahead thriller, it then turns into a wacky romantic comedy, and ends up being a political statement.  This is really too bad, because Dead Women could have been a good thriller.  When Dead Women was made, Fox had been working as a producer for the TV shows,  "Tales From the Darkside" and "Monsters."   She had the talent and history to make a good suspense/thriller, she had the script to make a good suspense/thriller,  but unfortunately she didn't have the desire to make a good suspense/thriller and instead ended up making a movie that is so all over the board, it is almost hard to classify.

The one thing Dead Women has going for it is the cast.  Maura Tierney ("ER", "Newsradio") plays the spunky Molly  in one of her first major roles.  Mr. Bartoli, the Pepto-Bismol swilling sweatshop owner is played by the late Jerry Orbach ("Law & Order", Dirty Dancing).  Also making notable appearances are classic TV stars June Lockhart (Lost In Space, Lassie), Lyle Waggoner ("Wonder Woman", "The Carol Burnett Show"), and Ken Osmond ("Leave it to Beaver").  Osmond actually steals the movie at one point. Doing his best Eddie Haskell since 1963, he plays an obnoxious dinner guest who is not afraid to share his controversial views on limited nuclear war (go for it!) and abortion (women shouldn't be involved in the decision, they're too close to the topic!) among other things.  However, even a decent cast isn't enough to save this movie from its confused director. 

Dead Women in Lingerie is worth a watch if it shows up on late night cable, and it might even be worth a rental if you're looking for something different.  The storytelling and atmosphere is uneven to say the least, and while it does have a good cast, they have all been in much better projects.  Aside from a great title, Dead Women also has  Maura Tierney's one and only nude scene, but that goes by so fast you'll miss it if you blink too hard.



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