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Demons Never Die DVD Review

Written by Simon Bland

DVD released by Exile Media



Directed by Arjun Rose
Written by Arjun Rose
2011, Region 2, 93 minutes, Rated 15
DVD released on 20th Feb 2012

Robert Sheehan as Archie
Ashley Walters as Bates
Tulisa Contostavlos as Amber
Emma Rigby as Samantha
Jason Maza as Kenny
Reggie Yates as Mason


Demons Never Die Dvd Cover




What happened to the slasher movie? It seems to be having a cooling off period of sorts while it seeks out its next lot of vulnerable victims. Speaking of which, those screaming on-screen teens are getting a bit antsy, so much so that they've taken to killing themselves. Well that's what Arjun Rose's feature debut Demons Never Die has lead us to believe at least. This uniquely British stab-a-thon follows a group of moody teens who are caught up in the 'I just can't go on' nature of their urban lives that they've opted to enter into a suicide pact. That is until a mysterious masked baddie decides to see just how dedicated they are to snuffing it and starts picking them off one by one. Not so depressed now, are we guys?


Demons Never Die 01 Demons Never Die 02


For his first big-screen effort, Rose packs Demons Never Die with as much gritty style and young pretty faces as he possibly can. In fact, rather ironically it's the horror bit that he fails to come good on. By utilizing an iPod's worth of trendy tracks, Rose guarantees that the movie is 'down-with-the-kids' so to speak. Its fancy-faced young cast add to this aesthetic too. During the movie's rather stylish opening sequence, in which Rose manoeuvres the camera around a school assembly hall (very much reminiscent of Donnie Darko's high-school opener) you'll swear you're watching a super gloomy episode of Skins.

Which brings us to this horror's major flaw: these so called manically-suicidal kids are just a bit too pretty and perky for you to honestly believe they're willing to off themselves. From the first time we see them chatting together online via a colourful on screen framing device that makes them look like a Brit-teen Brady Bunch, they all seem like they have too much going for them to seriously consider suicide. However Rose barely gives us chance to consider this problem, as he wastes no time in introducing them to the killer's blade.


Demons Never Die 03 Demons Never Die 04


Although, all those hoping for some Scream-style innovative deaths will be left sorely disappointed. Each time a teen kicks the bucket it's a textbook affair, leaving little to the imagination. Soon enough, our once dismal kids begin to have second thoughts about going through with their deadly pact. This doesn't bode well for committed Kenny (Jason Maza) who's dedicated to making sure they all go out with a band.

Half Brit street kid drama with a twist of emo, half murky mystery slasher, Demons Never Die may have its flaws but it'll keep you guessing right up to its revelatory final moments. You'll suspect every member of its plucky young cast (each of whom gives it their all) of being the guilty killer and be surprised by its final twist. Just a pity about those death scenes, a little more blood-spurting ingenuity and this flick would have been to die for.


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Video and Audio:


Great! Had no problems with either.


Special Features:

There are a few things on here including a promotional music video that rather surprisingly stars Chloe Moretz. We also have two character teasers, a theatrical trailer and some red carpet interviews.





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Audio: Fourstars
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Overall: Threestars





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