Deus Irae Movie Review


Written by Ilan Sheady

Released by Nerdhaus Films


Watch Deus Irae online for free: HERE


Directed by Pedro Cristiani
Written by Pedro Cristiani and Simon Ratziel
2011, 13 minutes, Not Rated

Gaston Ricaud as Father Marcos
Bernarda Pages as Carmen
Julia Perette as Sister Magda
Simon Ratziel as Father Simon
Ana Pauls as Nina





I have a great idea for a website. It’s for anyone who needs to pass the time whilst on their computer. Whether they are waiting for a video to finish rendering or a large document to download/upload or waiting for a podcast that starts in 20 minutes, you type in how much time you need and what kind of video you are interested in and you are offered the most entertaining video to your specifications. I think it will be a huge hit and if you ever ask for a 13 minute piece of horror awesomeness with a splash of Quentin Tarantino and hint of a Slipknot music video you definitely wouldn’t be disappointed to be served Deus Irae.

This is a short film from Argentina and has already won hordes of prizes and awards from the festival circuits… And rightly so. The effects, set pieces, cinematography, even the colour filters alone are so beautiful in their grotesqueness, that you can’t help question why so many American studios get it so wrong so easily.




I won’t say much concerning the plot as a 13 minute movie should be allowed to speak for itself which in itself is quite frustrating because I want to talk about it SO MUCH! I want to talk about how so many big budget, feature-length movies try and fail to achieve what this film does on a shoestring budget. I want to talk about how in 13 minutes Deus Irae can show influences from so many great horrors from the last 30 years. I want to talk about the characters, that have such colourfully hidden back stories that seem bizarrely out of place, but somehow work as the source of such a unique take (if just a little bit cheesy). More importantly I want to talk about when someone can please give Nerdhaus Films, the studio behind the amazing work, a decent budget.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this review, there’s a bit of a Quentin Tarantino-style twist to this classic exorcism concept (and it has a very From Dusk Till Dawn feel to it) and I wouldn’t be surprised if this was a phenomenally intricate opening to a Death Metal music video, neither of which I see as a bad thing. Anybody who’s seen Chris Cunningham’s video for Aphex Twin’s Come To Daddy knows the value of a fantastically directed short. However if there is any justice I expect to see a full length version by director Pedro Cristiani some time very soon. Until then if you have 13 minutes spare in the future there’s very little you can do as fulfilling as watching Deus Irae.





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