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2017 03 16 Dont Kill It

Don't Kill It Movie Review

Written by Ali Chappell

Released by Archestone Distribution

 Dont Kill It Poster

Directed by Mike Mendez
Written by Dan Berk and Robert Olson
2016, 83 minutes, Not Rated
Released on VOD on February 28th, 2017 | Blu-ray/DVD released on April 4th, 2017

Dolph Lundgren as Jebediah Woodley
Kristina Klebe as Agent Evelyn Pierce
Tony Bentley as Chief Dunham
James Chalke as Pastor Erikson
Miles Doleac as Deacon Shepard

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Mike Mendez hits us hard with Don't Kill It. After his success with Big Ass Spider! and his segment in Tales Of Halloween. He surprises us with this interesting piece of cinematic demon hunting.

Don't Kill It is about a traveling demon who inhabits a person's body and kills people. However, if you kill the demon, then the evil spirit just transfers into your body. Hence, the title of the film. Enter, Dolph Lundgren, aka Jebediah Woodley. Demon hunter by day, possible homeless drunk by night, he says he knows how to get rid of this beast and it's not entirely his fault that this force returned in the first place. With the help of FBI agent and former youngster from this forested town, Evelyn Price (Kristina Klebe), reluctantly decides to use him to help solve this mystery.

The film, like the lovely prostitute Dolph picks up in the opening scene, does all the work while he just lies there. He has a few good one liners, I can give him that, but overall it feels like he did this because he lost a bet. Cinematically speaking, it's shot beautifully. The small-town vibe against the forested back drop and foggy nights is perfect for a movie with this dark tone. However, it does not make up for the film itself. The concept is good but the execution is all off. A lot of moments in this film just feel like filler, like if you take out all the unimportant scenes, this movie is a 30-minute short film at best, held together by hopes and dreams.

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The scene in which Agent Pierce and Chief Dunham (Tony Bentley) watch Jebediah eat ribs for a weirdly long amount of time is how I felt watching this film. I was bored with flimsy information and backstory about the monster that, at most, is passable. More passable than Agent Pierce as an angel (for lack of a better word), and that's why the possessed people want her to kill them; so that they can open a portal through, using her body as a vessel.

Agent Pierce is strong and just as annoyed with Jebediah as the audience is. Only she gets it worst because she has to live with it. She is the only woman in this film with a role and she owns it. She doesn't use her terrible past to make her some sort of victim but as a way to fuel her need to solve problems for people in this town. The town that we learned cast out her family.

Don't Kill It is good for one-liners, some pretty brutal (and awesome) killings, and knowing the fact that Dolph's still got it going on. Yet, if you are looking for something with substance, I would recommend putting this one back on the shelf.

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Movie: 1.5 Star Rating Dont Kill It Blu
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About The Author
Ali Chappell
Staff Reviewer - Canada
Ali Chappell grew up in a wholesome Canadian family that embraced her love of horror at a young age, which allowed her to become desensitized towards its violent nature. She has a several degrees, including business, a triple threat theater degree and is currently working on her third in the field of archaeology. On top of being a writer and an avid horror fan, she is also a yoga teacher, archer, tarot card reader, in the midst of planning her first heist and still enjoys the bright life of being a struggling actress. When she isn't traveling the globe, she is usually found hiding in a movie theater hating the world and everyone in it. However, she is also very optimistic and cheerful and hopes one day Joe Dante will notice her (so she can stop obsessing over him, it's getting kind of weird).
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