Eating Miss Campbell Movie Review

Written by Joel Harley

Released by Troma Entertainment


Written and directed by Liam Regan
2022, 84 minutes, Not Yet Rated
FrightFest UK Premiere on 26th August 2022

Lyndsey Craine as Beth Conner
Lala Barlow as Miss Campbell
Vito Trigo as Mr. Sawyer
James Hamer-Morton as Mark Conner


The unholy yet entirely natural union of My Bloody Banjo mastermind Liam Regan and the folk at Troma Entertainment, Eating Miss Campbell is their raucous spoof of the '80s and '90s high school comedy. A little late in the day for all that? That would be the point, if the tagline – “nostalgia is cancer” – is anything to go by.

Trapped in an all-American high school cliché, vegan goth/goth vegan Beth (Lyndsey Craine) craves sweet release from life. It’s an exit that can only be gotten by winning Henenlotter High School’s inaugural “All You Can Eat Massacre” contest. The winning prize? A live handgun, which Beth hopes to use to blow her own brains out. It’s either that or a school shooting (also allowed, within the rules of the contest).

eating miss campbell 01 eating miss campbell 02

But when new English teacher miss Campbell (Lala Barlow) joins the school, Beth finds herself questioning her own veganism. Struggling to control her newfound craving for human flesh, Beth is forced to turn to her awful classmates for sustenance. Until she can wrap her teeth around Miss Campbell, at least.

Those wondering whether Regan’s edge might have dulled with this sophomore feature need not worry – Eating Miss Campbell doubles down on the gross-out offensive humour of the previous film, to the point of near unwatchability. True, there’s nothing so messy as the previous film’s dick-snapping sequence, but that’s not for want of trying. From suicide to school shootings, to the numerous instances of people being gross with food, Regan leaves no taboo unmolested.

eating miss campbell 03 eating miss campbell 04

Few would be so foolish as to call My Bloody Banjo focused, but the scattershot storytelling of Eating Miss Campbell makes Regan’s previous work seem positively taut by comparison. Most of that film’s cast return, in similar – if not identical – roles, including Vito Trigo as Mr. Sawyer, and Laurence R. Harvey as Clyde. Almost none of them can act (leaving Craine to do much of the real work) but that's as besides the point as the ridiculous gore and all-over-the-place story.The Henenlotter High School cinematic universe lives on!

eating miss campbell 05 eating miss campbell 06

Clearly, those without a taste for Regan’s previous work won’t be won over. Egged on by Uncle Lloyd and the team at Troma, Eating Miss Campbell is bigger, messier, nastier and more offensive… to just about everybody. While not all of the gags land (some of them might say that none of them do, if you’re not a fan of that sort of thing), there’s a laudable dedication to the cause. To the cause of being horrible, that is.


Movie: 3 Star Rating Cover

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