Emelie Movie Review

Written by Sharon Davies

Released by Frightfest Presents

Directed by Michael Thelin
Written by Rich Herbeck
2015, 80 minutes, Rated 15 (UK)
Released on 14th March 2016 (VOD), 4th April 2016 (DVD)

Carly Adams as Sally
Carl Bailey as Officer Morton
Thomas Bair as Christopher
Chris Beetem as Dan
Sarah Bolger as Emelie
Robert Bozek as Skinny Man

emelie dvd


A babysitter. This position is such an odd one. Important and yet so open to misuse. In movies parents generally invite any old smiling teenager into their house to look after their children only for the babysitter to be picked off by a knife wielding assassin. In reality you would assume most parents would only entrust such a job to a trusted friend, relative or local time-served babysitter. Yet are parents too trusting? In Emelie the Thompsons are not only too trusting but not damn well clued up enough if you ask me.

In an effort to celebrate their anniversary The Thompson parents are stuck when their regular babysitter cancels on them, but jump at the chance to bring a recommendation along instead. In strides Anna, the supposed best friend of their usual babysitter who is only too happy to fill in and watch their three little cherubs.

Anna begins the night suitably oddly as she allows the children to break the normal rules of the house, but as the night continues her behaviour spirals into crazy-town. Little by little we see that everything is not as it seems, and Anna has her own dark agenda for watching the children that night... especially the youngest, Christopher. This fresh and unnerving babysitter movie certainly has your attention from the off, and the tension builds quickly. If you have seen The Hand That Rocks The Cradle then you will recognise this constantly building undercurrent of “crazy”.

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I’m undecided about the ending. On one hand it was better than the usual “oh she’s just a nutter who happens to be in the wrong place at the right time” but on the other I was expecting some seriously twisted goings-on. So it was something of an anti-climax but an acceptable one nevertheless.

Michael Thelin, directing his debut feature length movie, allows a good sense of reality and uses his experience in music videos and shorts to take his vision to the screen. He makes some excellent editing choices, allowing the film to flow. I especially enjoyed the cutting to and from the family home to the unwitting parents.

emelie 03 emelie 04

The acting is surprisingly good, considering the weight of the film rests on the children’s shoulders. Anna is played beautifully by Sarah Bolger who injects just enough crazy in her eyes to make me uncomfortable. This is more of a thriller than a horror, but as a couple of scenes gave me goosebumps it’s a good one.

On another note I have now decided that the only babysitter I can trust is me, great. Date night is going to be bloody marvellous from my kitchen table.


Movie: 4 Star Rating emelie dvd small
emelie dvd small

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