Found Footage 3D Movie Review

Written by Charlotte Stear

Released by FF3D

Written and Directed by Steven DeGennaro
2016, 108 minutes, Not yet rated
Frightfest European premiere on 29th August 2016

Carter Roy as Derek
Alena von Stroheim as Amy
Chris O' Brien as Mark
Scott Allen Perry as Carl

found footage 3d poster


Whatever your thoughts on found footage movies, it’s time for a shake up. Love them or hate them, done right, this sub-genre has to the potential to creepy in the extreme. Done poorly, it’s headache-inducing. So what’s next for the little subgenre that could? A meta-found footage movie! No please don’t leave, bear with me... Found Footage 3D is a horror comedy that takes what we’ve seen a million times and turns it into a surprisingly refreshing movie that may well rekindle your dwindling love of the shaky cam.

Found Footage 3D follows a group of filmmakers set out to make the first ever found footage film in 3D (and yes, this movie is actually presented in 3D). The group locates to a small abandoned house in the middle of some spooky woods and begins to film the movie. Once the camera gets rolling, though, things take a turn for the weird and they soon realise life may be imitating art.

found footage 3d 08 found footage 3d 07

Full disclosure: this was watched on a screener so no 3D was actually experienced, but from what I can tell, it adds a whole lot of fun into the mix and I will be heading out to catch this in all its 3D glory when I can.

So back to it. It’s going to be a common comparison, but Found Footage 3D is the Scream of its time. Fully aware of the subgenre's failings, they’re able to produce a film that is both funny and scary. The quick-witted script is a constant in-joke, a nod to the audience watching that they’re two steps ahead but it doesn’t overdo it which would become annoying after a while. When the film starts to get darker it’s done effortlessly, you forget you’re not laughing anymore and are actually hooked on where the scares will be coming from next. However, what is really excellent about this movie is they tackle the biggest issue all FF movies have head on; why keep filming in the final act? It was an obvious comment to joke about and that alone is amusing enough, but the fact they actually produce a solid reason to carry on filming the film within the film makes it stand out and become a truly satisfying cinema experience.

found footage 3d 06 found footage 3d 04

They also use some cool techniques with the cameras and computers to give us different angles of things happening which keeps it interesting. But bringing the script alive are the fantastic performances, it could be too hammy or take itself too seriously but they manage to keep a good balance. Scott Allen Perry as Carl especially stands out with his fantastic timing and delivery, he is the main source of comedy, but this adds to the change in tone when Carl realises the danger they are in and his character also completely changes. And if this couldn’t get any more meta, horror writer Scott Weinberg turns up as himself to report on the filming resulting in some priceless scenes.

found footage 3d 05 found footage 3d 03

It all sounds like such a simple idea and maybe that’s one of its strengths. Found Footage 3D started off as an Indiegogo campaign so it’s important movies like this get the support and acknowledgement they deserve. What the filmmakers have achieved here is everything it set out to and more. Found Footage 3D is director Stephen DeGennaro’s first outing as a director and this should be the push he needs to make more movies. It’s fun, new and exciting and that’s what horror needs right now.


Movie: 4 Star Rating found footage 3d small

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