F.U.B.A.R Movie Review

Written by Ryan Holloway

Released by Fubar Film

Directed by Ben Kent
Written by Ben Kent and Joel Wilenius
2018, 85 minutes, Not Yet Rated
Frightfest World Premiere on Saturday 25th August 2018

Mark Heap as Gerald
Sean Verey as Sam
Danny Kirrane as Eric
David Mumeni as Toby
Timothy Renouf as Myles
Perry Fitzpatrick as Cheese
Ewan MacIntosh as Al

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Director Ben Kent won a certain level of notoriety with his short film, Love Bug, which featured at 2017’s Frightfest. This year he is back with his first big screen feature, so hopes are high.

F.U.B.A.R, however, is one of the most apt titles you’re likely to come across this year as the film which inexplicably stars the hugely talented Mark Heap (Spaced, Green Wing) is a blundering mess of a film that fails on so many levels.

The story, get ready to have your mind blown, is based around Sam (Verey) who is getting married. His best man Eric (Kirrane) organises a ‘zombie apocalypse’ paintball weekend for his stag do so his motley crew of mates gather for a weekend of fun, or so they think.

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It’s also not going to be easy with Sam’s fiancé’s dad, Gerald (Heap), in tow.

Since Shaun of the Dead we have just had too many copycats to mention and so it’s all too jarring that here we go again, some 10 years later. A bunch of mates with their poorly scripted witty banter find themselves in a fucked up situation and have to bond together to survive. The main problem with F.U.B.A.R is that you literally couldn’t care less who survives or what is left of them, whether it’s the new father of the group, Toby (Mumeni) who won’t stop talking about his newborn, the good looking one (we guess?) Myles (Renouf) with his sarcastic wit, Eric, the stupid but lovable one (again, we guess) who is (yawn) attempting to channel Nick Frost, and the voice of reason in the group (again... guessing) in the shape of the soon to be groom, Sam.

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It's predictable fare; the group starts in a local café and are rude to the staff and a rough looking guy, only because he looks like a Mitchell brother (Eastenders reference for anyone not educated in British soaps) takes offence thus making the boys leave with haste. Once at the camp they are given some basic training for a zombie outbreak and the guy from the café is one of the zombie actors! Yikes! Run Scoob.

Once their adventure begins the script starts to waver between comedy and absurdity. When Sam accidently fatally injures the rough Mitchell Brother zombie, Eric suddenly behaves like zombies are real thus finishing him off without a second thought. It’s a device that moves the film along but makes no sense, so everything falls apart from there with more deaths piling up and zero empathy, even comedy empathy, from the characters.

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The cast actually does its best with the lines they’re given but everything just falls flat, even when delivered by Heap who has probably already forgotten he was in it. It all leads to a confusing and unsatisfying ending that would make even the scariest of zombies sigh rather than moan. 

Zombie films come thick and fast these days so standing out is tough, sadly this one doesn’t stand out at all and doesn’t do anything new or interesting with the genre (aside from not actually being a zombie film) so falls into the ‘also ran’ pile.

But just to take a breath and look at some positive news, F.U.B.A.R is only 85 minutes long, but this is time that could be better spent stuck in traffic or taking your beloved pet to be put down.


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