Ghost Killers Vs Bloody Mary Movie Review

Written by Joel Harley


Directed by Fabrício Bittar
Written by Fabrício Bittar, Andre Catarinacho, Danilo Gentili
2018, 103 minutes, Rated TBA
FrightFest European premiere on 24th August 2019

Dani Calabresa as Caroline
Léo Lins as Fred
Danilo Gentili as Jack
Murilo Couto as Túlio


A team of YouTube Ghostbusters – sorry, Ghoulbusters - battle Bloody Mary in this Brazilian horror-comedy from director Fabrício Bittar. In reality a team of dumb internet hoaxers, the gang are more used to fighting hateful online comments from a guy named ‘Thanos’ than actual ghosts… until now.

Called to investigate the mysterious bathroom death of a student at a local high school, the Ghoulbusters find themselves up against the spirit of Bloody Mary herself, and caught up in an unexpected fight for survival. Part actual Ghostbusters, part The Frighteners, and a lot of early Peter Jackson and Sam Raimi besides, the film doesn’t take long to devolve into a bloody splatter-fest. The Ghoulbusters may be a joke, but the distinctly terrifying Bloody Mary certainly isn’t.

ghost killers vs bloody mary 01 ghost killers vs bloody mary 02

Wearing its influences (literally and liberally) on its sleeve, Ghost Killers Vs Bloody Mary is a charmingly old-fashioned splat-em-up the likes of which rarely get made in this day and age. Employing practical effects and buckets of karo syrup, it’s a crude, lewd, low-budget affair which bears more in common with an episode of Ash Vs Evil Dead than it does any modern supernatural horror blockbuster.

While that often means suffering through obvious and unfunny jabs at political correctness and gender identity, it’s worth it for the genuinely impressive, unpredictable and quite hilarious set-pieces. An astounding amount of blood and gore is spilled here, and in the most surprising and creative of ways too. Bittar wisely plays the horror element straight, as idiotic and incompetent as the characters might be. It’s never truly scary, but then, neither is it meant to be.

ghost killers vs bloody mary 03 ghost killers vs bloody mary 04

What it does lack, however, is the brevity or pace of Evil Dead 2 or Braindead, and the lulls between the action hold the film back from future cult classic status. By the first hour, any novelty is played out and the character moments holding it all together fall short. Bloody Mary herself, too, is a disappointment, visually out of synch with the rest of the film and saddled with a perfunctory backstory. But then, before one can mull over the film’s failings for too long, it’s time for the next big set-piece, and all is forgiven.

ghost killers vs bloody mary 05

Ghost Killers Vs Bloody Mary will play like gangbusters to its festival audiences, who will have a blast with its shocking gore, extreme violence and hilarious levels of splatter. Backed up by a charismatic cast and amusingly mean-spirited script, it makes for awesome festival viewing. Beyond that, its shelf life may be limited (stoner party, anyone?) but for sheer commitment to the bit, it makes for must-see viewing for fans of extreme splatter.


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