Godkiller: Walk Among Us DVD Review

Written by James "Spez" Ferguson

DVD released by Halo-8 Entertainment



Written and Directed by Matt Pizzolo
Illustrated by Anna Muckcracker
2010, Region 0, 75 Minutes, Not Rated
DVD Released on August 21st, 2010

Lance Henrikson as Mulciber
Danielle Harris as Halfpipe
Justin Pierre as Tommy
Nicki Clyne as Soledad
Davey Havok as Dragos
Bill Moseley as Dr. West
Lydia Lunch as Beezal
Katie Nisa as Rose





The world of animated comics is still a foreign concept to me.  It reeks of laziness and lack of funds.  Instead of making a really good comic or trying to get the money together to make a decent cartoon, you end up with this mixture of the two that ends up being far inferior.  Godkiller: Walk Among Us tries to change all that with this release.  Unfortunately, it doesn't quite accomplish this task.

Godkiller focuses on a post-apocalyptic world where the only currency is flesh and blood and you often use one to buy the other.  Tommy (Justin Pierre), a teenage boy looking after his comatose sister, Lucy, sets out to find her a new heart by following some organ-stealing hookers.  His journey brings him to Outer City, which is the shithole of an already shitty world.  It's here where he's almost killed by the hermaphrodite pimp Beezal (Lydia Lunch) and eventually saved by Mulciber (Lance Henrikson), who's a war veteran with special powers that are only activated by getting a blowjob.  (I wish I made any of that stuff up, but it's all in the story, I swear.)  Tommy has some sort of magic blood that makes everyone want to drink it all the time as if it's laced with cocaine and Pop Rocks.  He teams up with Mulciber and Halfpipe (Danielle Harris), the hooker with a heart of gold and provider of the aforementioned blowjobs, to stand up to Dragos (Davey Havok) who's bad for some reason.  I honestly lost track about halfway through.



This disjointed story isn't helped along by the poor animation.  For those who don't know, animated comics are even less animated than you think.  Imagine reading a comic book where there aren't any speech bubbles.  Instead, the words are read to you and there's a soundtrack.  Occasionally someone's arm might move or the characters bob up and down like they're walking, but in reality it looks like someone cut the pictures out, pasted them to some popsicle sticks and moved them across the screen.

The "animation" wouldn't be that bad if the art was as good as seen by some of the releases Marvel has pushed out in recent years.  Anna Muckcracker's art is uneven, almost as if she picked a few panels that she would actually finish and then just sketched out the rest of them -- in some cases leaving just a rough outline of what is probably a person.  I can understand if this is a style of sorts, but it reeks of sloppiness.



The voice-acting throughout Godkiller also leaves something to be desired.  With the exception of Lance Henrikson, everyone else sounds like they're phoning it in.  

There are definitely some good ideas in Godkiller (except maybe the part about the blowjob induced magic powers),  but it ultimately turns into torture porn.  Animated comics are a fad that I hope is short-lived.  Comics can exist in the digital space without having to be read to me like I'm a child.  If they're determined to stay around, I hope that the quality improves.



Video and Audio:


The video quality leaves something to be desired but that might be due to the artist's style on the project.  Taking the drawn images and putting them to the screen loses something in the translation.


The audio throughout Godkiller is pretty solid.  There's a great soundtrack that doesn't take away from the story.  Everything else comes through rather clean.




Special Features:


The original six issue Godkiller: Walk Among Us series is included on this disc as a 225 page PDF file, which is nice if you're like me and don't care for the animated comic version.  Also included is the three issue Godkiller: Silent War audio book which serves as a prequel to Walk Among Us.  There are also a handful of trailers for Walk Among Us.









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