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Hangar 10 Movie Review

Written by Karin Crighton

Released by IFC Midnight

Hangar 10 Poster 

Directed by Daniel Simpson
Written by Adam Preston and Daniel Simpson
2014, 110 minutes, Rated R
Theatrical release on November 7th, 2014

Robert Curtis as Gus
Abbie Salt as Sally
Danny Shayler as Jake

Hangar 10 01 Hangar 10 02


Treasure hunter Gus (Robert Curtis) is on a mission: to find something incredible deep in the Rendlesham Forest. His girlfriend Sally (Abbie Salt) is happy to tag along and help him; her ex Jake (Danny Shayler), filming the whole search, is less supportive and more critical of the man Sally’s chosen.

Despite some strange noises and sights on their way out, they do not hesitate to pass through a broken fence into restricted military territory. After their vehicle goes missing and the trio is stranded in the woods, the strange lights and noises seem to grow closer and more aggressive until finally, Gus disappears. Sally and Jake’s search for him leads them to a US Air Base abandoned by its employees, but not devoid of life.

Hangar 10 is a bit “done” for me. Everything the characters come up against seem to be recycled ideas pieced together from stories that have come before: the lost-in-the-woods aspect and the increasingly strained relationship of the frenemies seem straight out of The Blair Witch Project. I just watched a Netflix release called Alien Abduction a few months ago that used the same first-person cameraman gimmick. Hangar 10’s finale in the abandoned air base was visually very similar to the end of Entity, a haunting film but similar nonetheless.

Hangar 10 03 Hangar 10 04

The acting is perfectly fine; Curtis, Salt, and Shayler are dedicated to their roles and are believable. Their bickering and despairing gets tiresome but that has to do with the plot and not their performances. The effects are solid; the UFO lights are smoothly edited into the clouds, the glimpses of ships in the mists are sharp. And despite the awesome effect of alien exposure to some Earth-based life forms, these exciting moments are few and far between.There are a lot of stretches of wandering around the woods, which is not as fun to watch as it sounds.

I’m trying to find nice things to say at this point but this movie is pretty vanilla. I don’t have much to say.


Hangar 10 05 Hangar 10 06


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