Hard Revenge Milly: Hyper Violence Collection DVD Review

Written by Steve Pattee

DVD released by Well Go USA


Hell begins here. – Milly (Hard Revenge Milly)


Hard Revenge Milly (aka Hâdo ribenji, Mirî)

Written and directed by Takanori Tsujimoto
2008, Region 0 (NTSC), 44 minutes, Not rated
DVD released on January 26th, 2010

Miki Mizuno as Milly

Hiroshi Oguchi

Mitsuki Koga

Hard Revenge Milly: Bloody Battle (aka Hâdo ribenji, Mirî: Buraddi batoru)

Written and directed by Takanori Tsujimoto
2009, Region 0 (NTSC), 75 minutes, Not rated
DVD released on January 26th, 2010

Miki Mizuno as Milly

Nao Nagasawa as Haru

Mitsuki Koga as Jack


One of my favorite film genres is the revenge movie. I absolutely love a good payback flick, in particular when the person seeking justice is female. Really, what's not appealing about a woman suiting up to kick the ass of those who have seriously wronged her? Savage Streets, I Spit on Your Grave, Thriller: A Cruel Picture…the list goes on. Strong women set my heart aflutter, so when Hard Revenge Milly hit my doorstep, I had higher expectations for it than most. I can safely say it did not disappoint.

The Well Go USA release of Hard Revenge Milly is actually a double feature consisting of Hard Revenge Milly and its sequel, Hard Revenge Milly: Bloody Battle. The first film runs about 45 minutes and introduces us to the title character (played fantastically by Miki Muzino), who is out for the blood of "The Jack Brothers" — a couple of guys who brutally raped her, decimated her body and absolutely destroyed someone very close to her. It's unknown how much time has passed since that eventful day, but certainly enough for her to recover and train to become a fighting machine.

Because of its short duration, Hard Revenge Milly does not waste much time getting down to it. The piece opens with Milly picking up some ammunition for her knee (yeah, she's part machine) and her sword prepped for battle. The weapons master (Hiroshi  Oguchi) tries to discourage her from her quest, but reluctantly helps her as she is obviously going to go through with it. Aside from this scene and a brief, unnecessary, montage of Milly prepping a warehouse for the final fight, the short is pretty much non-stop action.

Bloody Battle picks up not long after Hard Revenge Milly, but this time it's not Milly seeking the revenge. Instead, Milly has been tracked down by Haru (Nao Nagasawa), a woman seeking vengeance for her lover's brutal murder. Hoping to hire Milly to do her dirty work, she is dismayed to find out that Milly won't, in fact, do it, but instead will train her to take care of her own business. Of course this little discussion happens after a couple of fight scenes as Milly seems to attract violence.

While both films are enjoyable as hell, Bloody Battle is easily the better of the two. Where Hard Revenge Milly allows little space for character development — not that it was needed, all things considered — Bloody Battle's longer running time of 75 minutes is able to delve more into Milly's emotions and feelings. Obviously it doesn't dig too deep, these flicks are action-oriented, after all, but it was interesting to see how defeated Milly seemed in the sequel. She achieved her mission in the first film, and there is now nothing much to live for in the sequel. This is important, as it not only adds some depth to the character, but puts the acting skills of Miki Muzino to the test, one she passes with flying colors. Her character is emotionally beat in Bloody Battle and it physically shows, as you see it the first time she is revealed.

Yet, let's face it, people aren't going to check out Hard Revenge Milly for the character study, they want the action, and good God do these two films deliver. Not only are the fight scenes filled with a frenetic energy, there is also blood galore with Yoshihiro Nishmura doing the job of special makeup effects. If you have the guy who did the effects for Tokyo Gore Police in your corner, yeah, expect the red stuff. The best part of the fights, though, is the fantastic editing. You can actually see the fights, as they are not cut so quick you can't tell what the hell's going on. Plus it helps that Muzino is obviously a trained fighter, and not someone just going through the motions. She looks completely natural destroying those that cross her path.

Hard Revenge Milly
and Hard Revenge Milly: Bloody Battle are both a helluva lot of fun and are perfect Saturday night action flicks. The acting is solid, the fights are over-the-top enjoyable and the gore is abundant. Pick this one up.

Video and Audio:

Hard Revenge Milly
has a mediocre picture, at best. This is not the fault of Well Go Usa, but rather the fault of a ghetto digital camera. The blacks are more gray than dark, there are some slight instances of mosquito noise and the piece has a very clinical look to it, due to the digital.

On the other hand, Bloody Battle looks leagues better. It has a more film-like picture than its predecessor, with deeper blacks and colors that are much more natural.

While the back of the box states Dolby Digital 5.1, my receiver only picked up Japanese 2.0 audio. This is a damn shame, too, as bodies flinging around and blood splattering about is always better in 5.1. The 2.0 does a decent enough job, as effects and music never overtook dialogue, but in action flicks, 5.1 should be the standard.

English subtitles are available.


  • Trailers
  • Making of Hard Revenge Milly
  • Making of Hard Revenge Milly: Bloody Battle

Like the "Dolby Digital 5.1" that is promised but missing, the back of the case also notes a "Photo Gallery" in its features that is nowhere to be found. However, what's not listed, but included, are two "Making of" featurettes.

The first, "Making of Hard Revenge Milly", clocks in at about 44 minutes and consists of interviews with the cast and crew, as well as true behind the scenes shots (such as fights being blocked). The editing is loose and it drags at points, but it is a fun watch nonetheless because it's more than your standard fluff piece.

"Making of Hard Revenge Milly: Bloody Battle" runs a much shorter 15 minutes, but has the advantage of much tighter editing, so it moves more efficiently. Like "Making of Hard Revenge Milly", it consists of interviews with the cast and crew, as well as the blocking of scenes. This, too, is worth a viewing.

The two featurettes do more than make up for the missing photo gallery.


Hard Revenge Milly

Movie: 3 Stars
Video: 2 Stars
Audio: 2.5 Stars
Features: 2.5 Stars

Hard Revenge Milly: Bloody Battle

Movie: 3.5 Stars
Video: 3 Stars
Audio: 2.5 Stars
Features: 2.5 Stars

Hard Revenge Milly: Hyper Violence Collection

Overall: 3 Stars

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