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2016 09 22 Hells Garden

Hell's Garden Short Movie Review

Written by Charlotte Stear

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Written and directed by Sam Ashurst
2016, 2 minutes, Not Rated

Katie Sheridan as Helen
Nick Helm as Spade Man
Jen Handorf as Shears Woman

hells garden poster


It’s hard enough getting one decent scare in a full-length feature sometimes, so anyone trying to make a short horror film has really got their work cut out for them. It’s pretty impressive, then, that Hell’s Garden, a short just two minutes long, manages to get in two massively decent jumps and a healthy dose of “what in the hell?!”

hells garden 01

Shot in just three hours on the night of the spring solstice, Hell’s Garden follows a woman who sees something unusual happening in her back garden, but this is just the start of the horrors in store for her.

Director Sam Ashurst has successfully managed to create a frenzied nightmare come to life in this short. Just like a nightmare, it’s manic, nonsensical, and over as soon it begins. The fact it’s in black and white only adds to a dreamlike state, but what’s really impressive is how in just a few short minutes it evokes the style and atmosphere of a classic 70s occult horror movie without going overboard. The twists it produces, however, give it a modern edge and it will leave you wondering what in the heck just happened, and can we possibly have some more? If this is what Ashurst can produce in just a few short hours, let’s see him tackle something bigger and weirder.


Movie: 4 Star Rating hells garden small

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About The Author
Charlotte Stear
Staff Reviewer - UK
Charlotte is a lover of all things spooky and macabre. If she's not reading Shirley Jackson or Stephen King, she's watching The Lost Boys for the millionth time. She loves to travel, mainly to places that are super haunted in the hopes of meeting some friendly ghosts.
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