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2018 03 25 Hells Kitty

Hell's Kitty Movie Review

Written by Karin Crighton

Released by Wild Eye Releasing

 Hells Kitty Poster

Written and directed by Nicholas Tana
2015, 98 minutes, Not Rated
DVD released on March 27, 2018

Nicholas Tana as Nick
Adam Rucho as Adam
Angel as Angel
Lisa Younger as Lisa Graves
Nina Kate as Dr Laurie Strodes

Hells Kitty 01 Hells Kitty 02

Hells Kitty 03 Hells Kitty 04


Nick loves his cat Angel. She's the prettiest, sweetest little cat. Except for the murders. Every time Nick tries to get close to a female date, Angel has a bit of a problem with it that typically results in the date's death or dismemberment. But who can blame her? She just wants Nick all to herself. But is this the real Angel? Or is something darker lurking within this Hell's Kitty?

Okay, first and foremost: how does writer/director/star Nicholas Tana know all these horror legends? The rotating cast of guest stars includes Doug Jones, Michael Berryman, John Franklin, Courtney Gains, Lynn Lowry, and Dale Midkiff. The memorable names and faces bely what this ridiculous series is all about: homage to the heyday of horror movies. It's an ode to the classic, albeit silly, era when Stephen King presented a movie about a friendly Saint Bernard masquerading as dangerous, latex noses and corn syrup blood, and chances for actors to embrace hamminess.

Hells Kitty 05 Hells Kitty 06

Hell's Kitty is by no means perfect, in fact there a number of issues. Originally made as a web series, the action comes in waves: a visitor and rising action and disaster, then resolution. Well, resolution-ish. Then the next, and the next, and the next. It can make a viewer a little seasick, but it's weird and ridiculous and bizarre enough to hold attention. Concurrently, being an homage to the ‘80s and ‘90s, there are some real failings for representation. The women all appear in super-tight sweater vests and little else; if they do interact, they're making out in a drunken attempt at a threesome where neither actress appears comfortable. Even the woman playing his aunt is wearing cringe-worthy false eyelashes.

And the sound syncing is off for most of the movie, which can be jarring and annoying.

Hells Kitty 07 Hells Kitty 08

That being said, I can't blame Tana for making a movie about his cat. If my iCloud gets hacked, it will be an embarrassing parade of Winifred trying to ignore the camera. Tana turned his love of his cat into an entertaining series of silliness and got his idols to appear, that's a pretty sweet.

And so was Angel; a true professional to the end.

Hells Kitty 09 Hells Kitty 10


Movie: 2.5 Star Rating Cover
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Karin Crighton
Staff Writer | Lunatic
Karin doesn't know anything about movies, but has a lot of time and opinions to yell into the void. When she's not directing plays in and around NYC, she's watching every horror movie on every streaming service. And probably talking to a cat.
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