Hostel II Movie Review

Written by Rosie Fletcher

Film released by Lionsgate Films

Written and directed by Eli Roth
2007, 93 minutes, Rated 18 (UK)

Lauren German as Beth
Roger Bart as Stuart
Heather Matarazzo as Lorna
Bijou Phillips as Whitney
Richard Burgi as Todd
Vera Jordanova as Axelle


To make a bit of a change I’m going to write this review in the spirit of another lazy torture-porn sequel, Saw III.

I want to play a game.

The game is simple. I’ll give you the key ingredients that make up Hostel II and you have to guess the plot. If you win — well, then you can go free — free to decide not to waste an hour and a half, and the price of a cinema ticket, on this imagination-free exploitation film. If I win and you can’t guess... well, if I win then you and Hostel II probably deserve each other.

The characters:

Three hateful American girls: one cowardly geek, one fast-talking slut, one attractive and supposedly more sympathetic heroine.

One beautiful enigmatic European girl.

One Slovakian Hostel.

Guess who gets it in the neck?

Guess which order?

Guess who lives to fight another day?

Done that?


Now the only excuse you’ll have to watch Hostel II is if you have some interest in seeing exactly how those who are dispatched meet their end, and how those who don’t, survive.

Enough with the games. There are those who will want to watch Hostel II principally to see exactly what revolting torture Eli Roth can come up with this time. If pointless blood and gore and gratuitous nudity are your thing, then Hostel II might be the movie for you. And that’s all well and good, as long as you go into the cinema with the understanding that there’s nothing scary or surprising about this movie. It won’t tell you anything new about the world and you won’t have your expectations challenged.

Fans of Heather Matarazzo’s engaging and nuanced starring role in Todd Solondz’s excellent Welcome to the Dollhouse should certainly stay away. At points I wanted to look away from the screen so there’d be one less person who’d witnessed her humiliating, trite and predictable performance. I don’t blame her — she had nothing to work with.

The only glimmer of interest in this movie is a subplot about two potential customers of the bloody enterprise introduced in the first film. But this doesn’t offer much redemption for the film, mainly because the characters in question aren’t particularly believable or likeable, and the “surprise” towards the end really isn’t all that surprising.

All in all, this is a movie for those who like gore and nudity for gore and nudity’s sake. As someone who loves film, and particularly someone who loves horror films, I found it pretty degrading to the genre. It’s all the reasons critics say the horror genre is dead, and all the reasons friends of mine tell me they don’t like horror movies.

Picture, sound and extras will not be rated as this was a cinema screening.


Movie: 1.5 Stars
Video: n/a
Audio: n/a
Features: n/a
Overall: 1.5 Stars

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