Hunger DVD Review

Written by James "Spez" Ferguson

DVD released by Phase 4 Films


Directed by Steven Hentges
Written by L.D. Goffigan
2009, Region 1, 102 minutes, Rated R
DVD Released September 28th, 2010

Lori Heuring as Jordan
Linden Ashby as Grant
Joe Egender as Luke
Lea Kohl as Anna
Julian Rojas as Alex
Bjorn Johnson as The Scientist




How long until the average person resorts to cannibalism?  According to Hunger, the answer is a little more than three weeks.  When five people are captured and left inside a well with no food like a poor man's version of Saw, their appetites are put to the test.  Over time they eventually resort to savagery as the silent lunatic that put them there watches them on hidden camera.

The ever watchful puppet master of this situation has a back story that's explained in a few flashbacks.  As a child he was in a horrible car crash with his mother.  Stranded in the wilderness for weeks, he ate pieces of his dead mom to survive.  Now, as an adult, he seems to be on a mission to prove that if put in a similar situation, anyone else would do the same thing.  This sounds interesting enough, but in practice it's just boring.


When you set a film in one location, you need two things to make it work: a great script and skilled actors.  In the case of Hunger, neither of these things are present.  Sure, the premise is OK, but the script is horrible.  The actors are moderate at best, but they can't carry the story because there's not much to work with.  Imagine being placed in a well and told to act hungry and/or crazy for a month.  That's it.  

Eventually members of the group revert to animal instincts and one of them gets eaten.  The intriguing part of this was that four of the five victims had taken a life before.  The fifth one had no blood on his hands, but was the first to take a bite.  One girl manages to hold on to her human side, while the rest of them end up with a pack-like mentality.  There's an alpha male and he holds on to the scalpel left by the watcher and he takes one of the girls as a mate.



Hunger is a film that owes a lot to Saw and the whole "torture porn" films that have created this sub-genre of Horror that's developed over the past few years.  Unfortunately, it isn't nearly as entertaining.  It had a slow build and when the payoff eventually came, I just didn't care anymore.  This would have been better off as a short film instead of a feature.  There's not enough of a story to spread out over an hour and forty minutes.



Video and Audio:

Hunger is presented in anamorphic widescreen.  The picture quality is quite good even though most of the film takes place in complete darkness or through the lens of a night vision camera.


The audio is only 2.0 stereo, but there's not much of a need for anything more.



Special Features:


  • Behind-the-Scenes
  • 8 Fangoria Frights
  • Director's Commentary
  • Trailers
  • Deleted Scenes


There are two deleted scenes included with this release.  They total five minutes of additional footage including the director's introduction.


The 15 minute behind-the-scenes featurette contains little to no behind-the-scenes footage.  It is instead populated mainly with interviews of the cast and crew mixed in with clips of the film.




Movie: 4 Stars

4 Stars


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