Ice Queen Movie Review

Written by Neon Maniac


DVD released by MTI Video




Directed by  Neil Kinsella

Written by  Neil Kinsella, Peter Beckwith, and David Williams
2005, Region 1 (NTSC), 92 minutes, Rated R
DVD released on September 27th, 2005


Harmon Walsh
Noelle Reno
Ami Veevers-Chorlton


Meet the meanest Ice Queen since Tanya Harding!

She's the scientific discovery of a lifetime,  a prehistoric humanoid never seen before.  Although she looks human, she is just one small step on the evolutionary ladder from Chimp to Man.  Born of the ice ages, her body temperature must be kept below freezing for her to survive! 

The military convoy carrying the body of the Ice Queen is attacked, her remains stolen by scientists seeking to bring her back to life.   While being transported across the mountains by plane, the Ice Queen comes to life and begins her bloodthirsty rampage by killing the  pilot.   Unable to fly the plain herself, the Ice Queen watches as the plane crashes into the side of  a mountain and causes an avalanche that completely buries the peaceful ski resort below.  With the ski staff trapped, the Ice Queen continues her rampage;  her kill-power increasing the colder it becomes.

Thrill in terror at  the bloody reign of the Ice Queen!






At first glance, Ice Queen appears to be your standard B-movie, straight to video release  In many ways, it is; but it also rises above that.  The script offers an original and refreshing premise.  I don't recall ever having met a villain quite like the Ice Queen.  She's one bad prehistoric mother trucker; an iced age hotty with a naughty body and only the urges to kill and mate.

A cool villain like the Ice Queen isn't enough to save the script from poor pacing, however.  Nothing happens in this movie until around the 60 minute mark.  There are random explosions, skiers, dancers, and eye candy to keep you going, but it's not enough to keep you engaged.   Scripting aside, the special effects used in the movie are top notch.  A mix of file footage, CGI and live action models, they all blend seemlessly together.  This is can be where  a lot of low budge flicks fail, but Ice Queen pulls it all of nicely. 

The cast is surprisingly good.  Made up entirely of unknowns, they handle their roles and lines like accomplished actors.  This is no simple task, considering they are given lines like,  "It's showtime in bitch town," to say with a straight face.  Special kudos to Ami  Veevers-Chorlton for an outsanding, over the top, wickedly brilliant portrayal of the Ice Queen herself.

Sometimes cheesey, sometimes funny, always snowy, Ice Queen is worth a Saturday night rental. 



Video and Audio:

Not reviewed because this was a screener copy.




Special Features:

There were no special features on the screener, but the final release promises a good amount of extras including:  Spanish subtitles, a commentary, a behind the scenes featurette and trailers.


Movie: 3 Stars
Video: n/a
Audio: n/a
Features: n/a
Overall: 3 Stars

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