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Indemnity: Rage Of A Jealous Vampire DVD Review


Written by Charlotte Stear


DVD released by World Wide Media



Written and directed by David Dietz

2012, Region 1 (NTSC), 60 minutes, Not Rated

DVD released on April 24th 2012



David Dietz as William
Dan I Radakovich as Joe
Seth James as Bubba
CJ Sensation as Jake
Crystalann Jones as Angela


Indemnity Dvd Cover




Short films have a lot to prove in a short amount of time. They have to grab your attention and squeeze a lot in, but not be too overwhelming. For this arduous task, any attempt on a short film gets my appreciation.

Indemnity is a short from the production team that gave us Fetish Dolls Die Laughing. Story wise it is rather cool, William (David Dietz) is being chased across the country by a crazed girlfriend who wants to kill him. He finds shelter in a rural watering hole where he tells local barman Joe (Dan I Radakovich) all his woes, but as some locals stumble in and begin to cause trouble, it’s not just a vengeful on the rampage that’s out to get William.


Indemnity 01 Indemnity 02

Indemnity has a concise and interesting story, but unfortunately it is let down by some pretty dismal acting which drags out what could be some snappy bar banter scenes. I did like the character Joe and particularly enjoyed his over the top acting which included wiping down the bar in every scene he is in; the rather clichéd act every barman does in every movie that’s ever been made. Radakovich’s acting is rather wooden but there is a particular charm to him which is endearing so it isn’t too painful. Dietz however suffers in the lead and that may be due to his involvement in the writing and directing of the film. I found his performance forced and hard to watch, had the lead been played by someone else this film may have fared slightly better.


It is all rather low budget which isn’t a problem except for the outdoor scenes which I had trouble with as they were far too dark and it was hard to see exactly what was going on, but other than that effects and scenery were well done.


Indemnity 03 Indemnity 04


Although the story is perfect for a short movie, it was rather predictable, however a man being chased across the country by an angry woman out for blood is a pretty great idea. Although this film may not have achieved everything it set out to, it has promise for feature story ideas from Dietz.


Video, Audio and Special Features:


Video, audio and special features will not be graded as disc was a screener.


Indemnity 05 Indemnity 06




Movie: Twostars Buy Indemnity Dvd
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Overall: Twostars




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