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Ink Movie Review

Written by Charlotte Stear

Released by Shining Example Films


Written and directed by Andy Stewart
2014), 20 minutes, Not Rated 


Sammy Hayman as The Man
Austin Hayden as Man on Telephone
Gordie Holliday as The Shopkeeper
Billy Hay as The Tattooist



Filmmaker Andy Stewart has been featured a lot on this website in the past year, his body horror film series has caught our attention and we’ve picked him as an upcoming director to look out for. His final short film in this trilogy Ink proves that Stewart has the style, and balls, to go far in this genre.

Ink follows a man (Sam Hayman) who has an unhealthy obsession with other people’s tattoos. His love of ink, but lack of money, means he conjures up a whole new way of achieving his desired look; he takes the tattoos he likes on other people and puts them on himself.

ink-01 ink-02

Each film in this series has been hard to stomach, with storylines going places you wouldn’t expect and intensely graphic, uncomfortable scenes. Ink does not let up in any way and out of the three it is the hardest to get through, but that is in no way a bad thing. The slow pacing and graphic scenes will have audiences feel an excruciating anticipation as the story climaxes.

Ink is Stewart’s most powerful film yet and that is down to a combination of elements. Lead man, Sam Hayman, holds the film on his own. His descent into madness is hard to watch and the final scene is compelling because of all the surprising emotions it will invoke. For the whole film Hayman’s character says nothing. To have no dialogue and achieve a strong connection to the audience is major feat, he needs no words when his face is as expressive as it is here. Along with the acting it is the gruesomely realistic effects used in the movie that will make your toes curl. Everything seen here could easily be in any big budget flick, they are incredible. Lastly, it is the style that Stewart goes for that makes this film stand out, there is no rush, everything happens when it should and the cinematography is gorgeous.

ink-03 ink-04

With each film in Stewart’s trilogy different elements showcase his talent, Ink shows he can easily mix compassion and terror seamlessly. Creating something so shocking and thought provoking in just a 20 minute short is unbelievable and it is an exciting prospect to think of what he could do with a full feature.


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