Iron Sky: Dictator's Cut Blu-ray Review

Written by Joel Harley

Blu-ray released by 4Digital Media

Directed by Timo Vuroensola
Written by Johanna Sinisalo, Jarmo Puskala, Michael Kalesniko and Timo Vuroensola
2012, Region 2 (B), 111 minutes, Rated 15 (UK)
Blu-ray released on 10th February 2014

Julia Dietze as Renate Richter
Christopher Kirby as James Washington
Götz Otto as Klaus Adler
Udo Kier as Wolfgang Kortzfleisch
Peta Sergeant as Vivian Wagner
Stephanie Paul as President of the United States



Black to the moon… again. Iron Sky returns, bringing with it a hitherto unseen 20 minutes of footage. Even better, it does so in a fancy Blu-ray steelbook edition. I would buy a fresh human turd if you put it in a steelbook (that’s the only way to explain the presence of Machete on my shelf), so the arrival of one of 2012’s best movies in such format was always bound to have me salivating. Heil!

iron-sky-01 iron-sky-02

The added 20 minutes of footage not will win over the film’s detractors, but those who enjoyed it the first time around will be sure to appreciate the effort put into this release. The Dictator’s Cut gets you a little more Udo Kier (always a good thing), some extra jokes, visual effects and music from funky house band Laibach. Accompanied by a concept art book and hefty set of making of features (75 minutes of them!), it’s a special edition that actually is special. It’s that attention to detail and sense of passion that made Iron Sky so enjoyable in the first place.

iron-sky-03 iron-sky-04

The plot, for the uninitiated, sees the Nazis – hitherto hidden on the dark side of the Moon – return to Earth in search of fancy new technology to power their war machines. Astronaut and model James Washington (a likeable Christopher Kirby) and conflicted Nazi Renate Richter (an adorable Julia Dietze) are all that stands between the Nazis and complete world domination. Beautiful, brainy and utterly batty, Iron Sky is the best fun you can have outside of a Mel Brooks movie. If it had been made ten or twenty years ago, it would probably have had Leslie Nielsen in it.

iron-sky-05 iron-sky-06

Granted, Iron Sky isn’t a film that stands up to too much repeat viewing – I’ve seen it three times now, and already some of the jokes are wearing thin. Such is the nature of comedy though, and everything else works remarkably well. The special effects remain impressive, given the crowd-funded nature of the production, and it’s mostly well-acted throughout.

If you’ve never seen Iron Sky, you could do far worse than picking up this definitive version. If you have seen it, this is one of those rare cases where the upgrade is well worth it. Even better, by buying this release, you can only be helping the filmmakers in their cause of getting Iron Sky a sequel. Bring it on.

Video and Audio:

It looks and sounds fantastic, with great tunes and the sort of space battles that a modest Star Trek sequel wouldn’t be ashamed of.

Special Features:

At last – a special edition that puts the ‘special’ in its special features. In addition to the 20 minutes of extra footage and 75 minutes worth of making of features, it also comes with a glossy 32-page book of concept art. The ‘Making Of’ covers, comprehensively, the project’s origins, story, characters, costumes, visual effects and financing. Director Timo Vuorensola is on hand to talk us through all of the above, with special appearances from the film’s producers and art designers. All in all, it’s exhausting, in the very best way. Much like the film itself.


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