Kenneyville Movie Review

Written by TGM

DVD released by Shriek Show

Directed by Brooks Hunter   
Written by Vincent Galvez, Geoff Heintzman, and Brooks Hunter

2010, 85 minutes, Not Rated
DVD released on January 10th, 2012

Dany Gehshan as Charlie
Vanessa Broze as Kelly
Michael Scratch as Adrian
Saffron Cassaday as Alexis  
Doran Damon as Donovan


Kenneyville, the ambitious little indie horror flick with quite possibly the worlds most boring title, revolves around Charlie and Kelly, a pair of 20-something private investigators who find themselves drawn to a small backwater Canadian town in search of a missing woman.  Soon after meeting a few of the oddball residents, Charlie gets the snot beat out of him while Kelly gets kidnapped.  Once he awakens from his furious beat-down, Charlie begins a frantic search to find his friend and uncover the sinister truth behind the kidnappings.  On the surface, it appears to be related to some sort of white-slave sex ring, but in delving deeper, Charlie quickly learns that it’s all an elaborate government funded program to create the ultimate mindless assassin.  Even though I always suspected that the Canadian government was secretly just as corrupt as our own in the good old United States, I’ll simply never be able to look at America’s hat the same way again.

Despite what the cover implies, this movie is more in the wheelhouse of a low-budget Manchurian Candidate meets Walking Tall rather than Hostel or SAW.  While not as gruesome or gory enough to be considered true torture-porn, there are a few wince-inducing scenes, and plenty of effectively used blood squibs to go around.  I will admit that while flawed, it’s certainly refreshing to see a script that attempts to flesh out clichéd motives that go beyond “inbred rednecks like to torture pretty girls because that’s what inbred rednecks do” (no matter how accurate that might be).

Kenneyville moves at a pretty decent pace with its goofy yet entertaining premise.  The biggest problem, as with most low-budget productions, is with the universally stiff acting.   The standout performance would be from Michael Scratch as the twitchy, morally bankrupt scientist in charge of creating the hottie-assassin army.  With his tight fitting sweaters, and his smarmy attitude, you can almost smell the Hai Karate aftershave permeating from your television screen.

Having sounded rather glib earlier in regards to the naming of this movie, my fear is that the decision to go with such a bland title might induce apathy towards people choosing to watch Kenneyville.  Although I must admit that the idea of some old-timer reaching for this movie while under the impression that it’s a Kenny Rogers biography makes me chuckle.  Look, half the battle in getting your movie seen is a kick-ass cover (check!), and a title that cultivates interest (err, miss!), and while not perfect, Kenneyville deserves to find its audience.

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