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Kill Keith DVD Review

Written by Simon Bland

DVD released by Metrodome Distribution



Written and directed by Andy Thompson
2011, Region 2 (PAL), 93 minutes, Rated 15 (UK)
DVD released on 26th March 2012

Marc Pickering as Danny
Susannah Fielding as Dawn
Simon Phillips as Andy
Dominic Burns as Director
Keith Chegwin as Himself
Ellie Jacob as Rose
David Easter as Cliff


Kill Keith Dvd Cover




It’s no secret that the movie biz is undergoing a bit of a recycling craze. These days, original ideas are harder to find than a good metaphor. Make no mistake; they’re damn rare. So you’d think that when a left field Brit-comedy-slasher like Kill Keith comes along you might be in for a pleasant surprise. After all, the premise - if a little kitsch - does raise a few smirks. There’s a mystery killer on the loose and he’s hunting down a group of D-list celebs who’re all trying to bag a presenting gig on a fictional breakfast show. The trailer hints that we could be onto a wry, tongue-in-cheek winner, but then again, that’s a trailer’s job…



Kill Keith 01 Kill Keith 02


The reality is much more torturous. Instead of taking us on a comical murder-mystery ride, newcomer director Andy Thompson forces us to endure the most lifeless love story ever committed to screen. In this sense the movie is truly terrifying. Much more screen time is given to hapless TV runner Danny (Marc Pickering) and his bumbling attempts to woo Dawn (Susannah Fielding), a pretty-faced presenter. We follow this unfunny and often schizophrenically paced love story (superhero dream sequence? Check. 1950’s Noire homage? Sure, why not?) for so long that we almost forget there’s a killer knocking about.

Speaking of which, his motivations and techniques will baffle even the most well-versed horror fanatic.  One by one we see the likes of Tony Blackburn, Joe Pasquale and Russel Grant get knocked off in a series of implausible breakfast themed murders so that this shadowy baddun can get his hands on that coveted presenting gig. What’s more, as the film unravels it becomes clear that at no point is anyone actually trying to off Keith, making its Kill Bill-themed title and poster oddly redundant.  In fact, Keith Chegwin is hardly in it at all.


Kill Keith 03 Kill Keith 04


This is producer turned director Andy Thompson’s first theatrical outing and it’s painfully obvious. Kill Keith feel stilted and without mojo, taking what’s potentially a very funny concept and making it convoluted. It’s hard not to believe that had the script landed in better hands (Thompson wrote too) and had a more experienced director taken the reins, Kill Keith may even have been a three star affair. Sure we weren’t expecting the next Shaun of The Dead but the concept was there. Instead we’re left with a horror comedy mix up that fails to deliver the goods. Let’s hope there’s no part two.


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