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Written by Robert Gold

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Written and Directed by Jef. Grenier
2002 / 2004, Region 0 (NTSC), 22 minutes / 36 minutes, Not Rated

Éric Aupin
Parize Chevalier
Isabelle Stephen
Jonathan Aubin


Tired of being pushed around and used by the human race, one Styrofoam cup refuses to be kept down by “The Man” and takes action by assembling an army of followers determined to topple their aggressors…the dreaded French-Canadians.

The first uprising (Killer Cups) occurs on a college campus following an unprovoked attack by fire when a malicious student burns a defenseless Styrofoam container. The melted cup manages to find a voice that calls other cups to action. Lining up in military brigades to receive instruction from their new leader, the cups are on a mission of revenge against the man (Éric Aupin) who pushed them too far.

Attacking from every possible location, the cups leap from lockers and bathroom stalls as they kill the horrible people that have exploited them. At one point they manage to infiltrate a human woman and take control of her body, operating her like a puppet. Steadily chomping anyone who crosses their path, the cups continue to pursue their antagonist as he joins forces with an evil blonde female (Parize Chevalier) who successfully elude the cups until faced with a super mega cup monster.

The second assault (Killer Cups 2) takes place at a secluded campground where a group of evil French-Canadian litter-bugs rape the environment. An elaborate tunnel system leads to a dirt altar where the cups gather for nationalistic speeches by their leader. Soon the massacre is in full swing as the humans are hunted down one by one.

Isabelle Stephen stars as the most resilient foe the cups have faced to date. She successfully navigates the elaborate traps the cups are setting along the wooded paths, ranging from trip wires to a set of low hanging hooks. Along the way she is pierced, chained, at one point scared topless, and ultimately gang-cupped.

It is in Killer Cups 2 that the cups themselves are more creative both in action and appearance. Some cups are painted in camouflage to hide their position and number as others wait patiently underwater for unsuspecting swimmers. The cups swing on vines and make use of tools in their fight, including the use of bottles and rocks. The cups are indeed more resourceful this time around and coordinate a set of attacks that include the use of paper airplane assaults.

What evil mastermind could be responsible for all of this mayhem? A self hating French-Canadian named Jef Grenier (Bon Bon Rouges) who uses the Styrofoam cup as a symbol for the justice that is so badly needed in his country. In all seriousness, Grenier has stated in interviews that the Killer Cups films came in response to the lame Hollywood offerings of the early 1990s (specifically the Leprechaun franchise). He deliberately attempted to find the most ludicrous villain and turn it into a cinematic threat, and he succeeds.

The first film is a straightforward short that goofs on the horror genre, and yet never takes itself too seriously. The second expands the concept with the previously-discussed variations on the cup designs and tactics. The entertainment of watching the victims pelted by cups is surpassed by the sound effects that accompany each attack. The cups emit the squeak of a child’s toy when they move or talk and the chomping sound cue is as funny as it is every time.

Both films are accented with illustrations by Monique Lemieux that are both aesthetically pleasing and serve as interludes between segments within the movies, the drawings themselves are humorous and offer countless variations on the cup motif. As is the case with most of Grenier’s shorts, these tales are filled with copyrighted music and images that will limit the distribution span, but many titles are available through his website.

These are ultra-low-budget productions shot on video and presented for entertainment value. Killer Cups does not include subtitles, but if you don’t speak French, the dialogue is minor and self-explanatory. Killer Cups 2 is twice as long, but the dialogue is now translated for non-French audiences. Grenier seems to be enjoying himself with these efforts and his fun is infectious. Hopefully somebody will fill this guy’s cup with money so he can make a feature.

Video Audio and Special Features:

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Killer Cups

Movie: 2 Stars

Killer Cups 2

Movie: 2.5 Stars


As much as I enjoyed watching the antics of the titular characters, there is something lacking. Character development may be too strong a term, but there is a need for depth missing from both Killer Cups films. Fortunately this problem has been addressed as Grenier and company bring the cups into a wild new dimension with the upcoming Killer Cups 3D! Seriously.

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