Late Night Double Feature Movie Review

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Dr. Nasty's Cavalcade of Horror

Directed by Navin Ramaswaran
Written by Kelly Michael Stewart & R.X. Zammit


Jamie Elizabeth Sampson as Nurse Nasty
Mike Donis as Shawn
Brian Carleton as Dr. Nasty

Dinner For Monsters

Directed by Zach Ramelan

Written by Raven Cousens, Zach Ramelan, & Kelly Michael Stewart


Nick Smyth as Chef

Jeff Sinasac as Vincent

Raven Cousens as the Maid


Written & directed Torin Langen


Colin Price as Brad

Caleigh Le Grand as Brii

Rich Piatkowski as Michael

Premiered at the Canadian Film Fest on March 26th, 2015



The overall premise of Late Night Double Feature is that of a struggling basic cable show that likely plays to a handful of perverse insomniacs in the wee hours of the morning.  Hosted by a has-been, misogynistic, D-list actor dressed as an evil doctor-slash-mad scientist, and along with his ditsy sex-pot nurse, he belches out hackneyed introductions to crappy horror movies in between backstage shots of bourbon and blow-jobs.

The first vignette, Dinner for Monsters, involves a down-on-his-luck chef desperately trying, and failing, to follow in the footsteps of his more competent deceased father. One more impending negative food critic review away from bankruptcy, he is presented with a rather surprising offer that he simply cannot refuse. He is asked to cater a private dinner for a bunch of haughty aristocrats. The evening starts out rather cordially, but soon takes a turn for the macabre when he is made aware of the source of the questionable ingredients that he is asked to prepare. The entire segment is darkly comical, but unfortunately veers off into borderline slapstick territory during the predictably unsatisfying finale.


Slit, the second piece deals with a professional “cutter”, someone who gets paid to inflict perverse pleasure from pain as he scarifies his clients with cold surgical precision. For him, it's a job and nothing more. He is protective of his small but reliable clientele. When one of his regulars shares his contact info with another potential customer without his consent, our unconventional entrepreneur makes the fateful decision to take on the job. Unfortunately for him, this new contact is batshit crazy. I mean, more than just the typical batshit crazy that you would have to be to pay someone to come over and play etch-a-sketch on your back with a scalpel. After he spurns her unwanted sexual advances during their first session, they tussle, and in his haste to get out of dodge he (conveniently) leaves behind his address book. Thanks to the “if found please return my illegal activity client list to [my address]” label on the inside cover, she pays him a visit to exact her revenge. Again, this segment starts off with the greatest of promise, but the ending resolution seems like a hurried cop-out. The concept itself is fascinating and I would have been overjoyed to have seen it fleshed out (no pun intended) into its own full-length film in order to further explore the depths of the dank underbelly of such a seedy subculture. Oh, and it's much more fun when you consider this segment to be the natural sequel to That 70s Show, as the lead reminds one of an older Topher Grace.  It was always quite obvious that Eric Forman had sociopathic tendencies.

Again, the glue that holds the whole feature together is the disturbing antics of the dysfunctional crew back in the studio. The scorned actress... the alcoholic host... the infatuated stage hand... we've seen it all before, in various permutations in numerous other horror movies. It doesn't necessarily bring anything new or original to the genre, but it does provide some of the most horrific and over-the-top practical effects of gore and mayhem this side of Summer School. Late Night Double Feature is not going to win an Academy Award any time soon, but it will entertain the shit out of you while you drink Natty Light and smoke a joint with your pals, and, quite frankly, what more could you ask for?



Movie: 3 Star Rating Cover

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